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Tiny Dino

I have a friend whose birthday is coming up soon, and I discovered they kind of like dinosaurs. Well. Challenge accepted. I found this cute free pattern for Bert the Dinosaur, pulled out the brown sock yarn I didn’t like for making socks, and cast on in the morning. It was really fiddly to work with six to ten stitches on DPNs, but once it got up to 20ish, it was manageable. And once it started to take shape, I was delighted. Stuffing the tail and neck were tricky, and don’t even ask about the teeny tiny legs! But OMG I’m so happy with my little dinosaur, I kind of want to make more!


I didn’t exactly love knitting it, since it was so fiddly and tiny, but it went so fast that I could handle it. Roar!!


A Teddy Bear Ode to Mad Man Knitting

So there’s this awesome guy out there who writes a blog called Mad Man Knitting. If you haven’t read him yet, do it now (or maybe when you’re done reading this post). He makes these adorable little teddy bears and blogs about it. His story is inspiring, and so is his outlook on life. He searches for, and spreads, kindness and love. His bears became hugely popular and the wait for one of his custom bears quickly stretched into months. I looked at them often, smiling at their little faces and loving the different colors. I didn’t want to wait that long, so I decided to try to knit my own joyful little bear. His pattern is available to order here but I didn’t know it at the time, so I used the Ruby Bear pattern from Ravelry instead.

I cast on with some camel Bernat satin, since I had plenty in my stash and it’s soft and washable. The pattern calls for knitting each piece flat but I hate seaming so I decided to knit it all in the round, except the ears. I knit the body first and couldn’t believe how fast it grew. I also couldn’t help but giggle at his little bum.


I didn’t have much knitting time but I got all the pieces knitted in a few days. Today I sat down with my polyfill and got busy stuffing and assembling. I left the ends of the arms and legs open until they were stuffed, then cinched them closed.


The next step was the hardest part for me. I’m not the best at sewing pieces together but if you don’t look closely at the seams, I think he looks okay. The embroidered face was a new skill for me too, and again, I’m grateful for the Mad Man because he has instructional videos on YouTube. I just wish I’d found the assembly videos earlier! Check them out here.


I found a little red ribbon that looks perfect tied in a bow around his neck. And in honor of Gregory Patrick, the Mad Man Knitter who inspired me to knit a bear, I’ve named him Patrick. I really enjoyed making him, more than I thought I would. He’s sitting next to my computer now, and he makes me smile.