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It’s Bittersweet: Finished Rainbow Cowl

Guess what I finished last night? My rainbow cowl! I’m so happy because that means I can either wear it or list it on Etsy. But I’m so sad because that means I can’t knit on it anymore and I so enjoyed knitting with that yarn. I totally need to save up to buy some more Vice yarn. Great stitch definition, soft without being too floppy, and those colors!IMG_1263IMG_1266This is unblocked, so I still need to wash it and pin it out but I think it’s a great size. This was a wonderful travel project too, so I expect I’ll be making more with my fancy single skeins. I even have about 60 yards left, and I’m wondering if I can squeeze out a wee pair of fingerless gloves, something just like a handwarmer. If I succeed, I’ll share it!

I’m not a fan of frogs

Oh sure, the animals are okay. Noisy at times and kind of moist, right, but they’re fine. No, my problem is when frogs are a part of my knitting. Several months ago, I got a request for a lovely spring infinity scarf. It’s lightweight and lacy, and I found the perfect yarn for it, and cast on. But since it’s a lace pattern (a bit complicated) with fingering weight yarn (that’s really thin for you non-knitters) on tiny needles (size 4. That’s small for me.) it was a slow start. I thought I got around 5 rows done before I had to set it aside to focus on Christmas knitting. My friend was fine waiting, so it hibernated for over four months. Yesterday I pulled it out, got comfy on the couch, and starting knitting at row six.IMG_1135Two rows later, I had a problem: an extra stitch. Eh, okay. I knit two together and moved on. By the end of the next row, my pattern was way off. I counted and somehow had lost SEVEN stitches. SEVEN. What the actual heck. I looked back at all the teeny tiny stitches and counted my rows and realized I hadn’t stopped at row five, like I’d thought. I might have been at seven, maybe eight. This project was not off to a good start, so I decided I’d do well to learn from my mistakes and start over.

This morning I frogged it all. Then I printed out the pattern so I could actually keep track of where I am. I’m more experienced with lace now, so I think it’ll go a little faster this time around. Not crazy fast, because it’s still lace with itty bitty yarn, but a little faster. Or at least smoother, and I’m okay with that. I might even look into that whole lifeline thing. Plus I’m going to knit with the pretty new needles I got at a late Christmas exchange yesterday!IMG_1146I love them. I also love the handmade buttons I got. They’re made from walnuts. Cool, huh? I think they’re going to look awesome on some hats…which I can make with my pretty new needles too!IMG_1147I got to give some gifts yesterday too, which was fun. My niece got a crochet Hello Kitty hat, which would have been a big hit…if she weren’t currently obsessed with all things Elsa. But I’m content knowing that it’ll fit her for a while and a time will come when she will wear it with pleasure. And my nephew got a Yoda hat, and it actually fit and it looked adorable on him. So I’m calling that a win.IMG_4778And last night I got to go on an actual date with my husband where we ate a meal neither of us had to cook and talked to each other, and then we went to a bookstore (or two) and ended up at Starbucks drinking hot drinks and talking some more. It was delightful. I think I’d like to do it again sometime. But for now I have an empty day ahead of me and yarn calling my name.

Progress Made (and a new WIP)

Yesterday was quiet and cool, so I spent much of the day on the couch with my yarns. I managed to frog the striped hat from yesterday’s post, so it’s all ready for a redo. I’m waiting until after I open my birthday presents, though, just in case there’s a set of interchangeable 16″ needles in one of them. (*fingers crossed*) I also worked for a while on my Quadratic shawl, and I cannot wait until it’s done and I can wear it. IMG_4975After lunch, I pondered the many WIPs I have, and the projects I need to complete soon, and I decided I could cast on for just one more. It’s for someone I like (okay, all my knitting is for someone I like) plus it’s an unusual project for me. It’s called the Spring Lace Infinity Scarf and with any luck, it will end up looking like this.

Spring Lace Infinity Scarf by Linda Thach. copyright Purl Avenue

This is fingering weight yarn (i.e. very skinny, i.e. not bulky at all, which is what I normally use) and it’s a lace pattern. It will end up being open and delicate and lovely (I hope) but it will knit slowly and will take much time and attention to detail. I managed to get through the casting on of 360(!!!) stitches and knitting of five rows. This is what it looks like so far. IMG_4977So yeah, it will be slow going on this one, but I think it will be delightful. I’ll probably spend some time on this today … or maybe I’ll spend the morning reading my new book! IMG_4978