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Is it Friday yet?

I got so much great feedback to my last post about planning a new sweater! Nothing feels quite right to me yet, so I’ve decided to put that project on hold for now. Those purple/blue sparkly skeins are quite special, so I want to make sure I use them in a project I’ll love. Instead, I cast on a new cowl with some of my yarn from Wisconsin, and it was so addictive that I finished it within a few days.

This is the Fino Shadow Cowl done in five miniskeins from Four Crows Fibers. I adore the yarn, love the pattern — but for some reason I don’t love how it all came out. I did mess up my color sequence at the beginning, when I didn’t read the pattern carefully enough and grabbed yarn A when I was supposed to grab yarn B, and then the whole sequence was off but I didn’t want to frog and start over. It’s pretty, and soft, and squishy … and I just don’t love it. However, I showed it to a friend who does love it so it already has a good home waiting for it! That’s a happy ending.

This has been a weird and hard week. I found out Monday that two people I knew were murdered last weekend. I didn’t know them well, had only emailed each of them a couple of times about two years ago. But they were young — only 24 and 25 — and brilliant and kind and compassionate, and it’s heartbreaking that this happened to them. The world sucks sometimes, or maybe America sucks sometimes. It’s just put me in a funk and all I want to do is knit but that’s not really an option. So, just keep swimming, right?

Happy Wednesday, friends.