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Shawls on Sunday

I snuck out into the chilly morning to be that weird neighbor taking photos of knitwear outside because a FO is never truly finished until I have taken the beauty shots! After buying all that yarn on my road trip, I realized it threw my In/Out yarn count out of whack – I was suddenly at 21 skeins added to my stash versus 18 used up. That was not acceptable, not after such a good start to the year! I immediately got to work finishing a shawl WIP that used up three skeins of yarn. This is the Jodi shawl by Joji Locatelli (Rav link) with the yarn from New Garden Farm I bought recently. I love how it came out!

I did run out of the middle variegated color almost halfway through the last row, but I just finished with the solid blue and it’s fine. I love how all the colors play together, and I intentionally started with the blue since it’s a better color near my face than the fuchsia.

Before the trip, I finished another long skinny shawl/scarf thing, the Bright Side, knit with my rainbow Desert Panda yarn. It’s a super fun one too, and I should be able to wear it for a little while into the spring since it’s a smaller, light piece.

This was such a fun, easy knit and such a wearable FO that I might be casting on another one right away – this time with white and black yarn. That seems like it would be perfect for the bright tops in my closet!

Other things I’m loving: the new season of Ted Lasso, the new season of Schmigadoon! called Schmicago, and Jenny Colgan books. I enjoyed (but didn’t love) Tiny Beautiful Things on Hulu, and am currently enjoying Ghosts, though we’re all caught up so now I have to wait for new episodes to drop. There’s also a new musical drama/comedy series on Hulu that I was super excited about (Up Here, I think it’s called) but wow it’s a solid No Thank You for me. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way, plus I didn’t think the songs were very well-written. I keep hoping I’ll find another show with lots of episodes that I can get obsessed with, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Happy Sunday, friends.

Sock It To Me Monday

September started off as “buy all the yarn”, moved into “cast on all the things”, and has now morphed into “finish as much as you can!” Yesterday I finished and blocked two projects, and it felt so good that I decided to see what else I could finish by month’s end. Realistically, that was just the second DK-weight sock that was sitting at the heel.

These super-squishy socks are Desert Panda Fiber Arts Sturdy DK in the color My Favorite Leggings. I’m still new enough to DK socks that I don’t know how many yards a full sock takes, so I knit shorties to be safe. Of course now I have almost half a skein left, so maybe I need to knit shorties for someone with small feet?

Today was also a very happy mail day for me. I’d been coveting the hot pink Joji bag that she did for Ewe & Me’s 10th anniversary, so when she announced she had some in a seconds sale, I was all over that. I got a good discount for a gorgeous bag with one tiny dark spot on the back side.

I’m starting to think I need to unfollow Joji & Co, to be honest. It’s becoming a problem!

Happy Monday, friends.