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Brown Sheep Co. Stratosphere

What draws you to a yarn? Is it color, weight, texture, variegation? Or maybe you shop by project rather than by inspiration? I’m a color person. The color has to draw me in, invite me to touch, and then the touch has to be pleasing. But when those two things go together, I’m a happy camper. And Brown Sheep Company‘s new yarn, Stratosphere, goes a long way toward meeting both needs.


When I was offered the opportunity to review the Stratosphere, I wasn’t sure at first because it’s a DK weight, and I’ve been heavily focused on fingering weight for socks and shawls lately. But then I looked at all the bright solid and gorgeous kettle-dyed colors, and I felt that itch: I wanted that yarn. It was hard to pick, but finally I chose Eclipse (black), Cosmic (raspberry), and Zephyr (gray).

When it arrived, I was pleased: the colors were just as gorgeous and vivid as they looked online. I wound it immediately and cast on for a simple Michigan Avenue wrap, wanting to highlight the colors, and was pleased again. The yarn, made from fine-grade wool, feels smooth, full, and bouncy in the hand. It feels sturdy and durable without being rough like some other basic yarns. There was no splitting, just lovely garter stitch that I could do while watching TV or at knitting group without having to watch the yarn.


On my size 7 needles, I got a reasonably dense fabric that should make this a cozy, warm wrap for fall. This would be amazing yarn for sweaters; I kind of wish I’d bought extra and made one with this yarn! With it being superwash, it would be perfect for kid sweaters. It starts around $14 for a 260-yard skein, making it a tempting and affordable option when you need a lot of yardage.


This pattern didn’t need much in the way of blocking, but I washed it to see how it fared. I put it on the delicate cycle with cold water then laid it flat to dry. It came out softer than before with no fading or pilling. I wouldn’t have any doubts about washing a garment multiple times with this yarn; I think it will hold up really well. And if you like to knit cables, I imagine the stitch definition would be fantastic.


I did find two knots in one of the three skeins, but overall, I was very happy with this yarn, and when I’m ready for my next sweater project (for me or the girl? Hmm…) this will be one of my top options.


The other thing I like is the company itself: Brown Sheep is a family-owned business in Nebraska, and I love supporting independent businesses, especially ones in the Midwest like I am. Their mill also employs sustainable options like recycling 70-90% of their waste water. Cool, right? And, even better, you can get a free pattern just for signing up for their newsletter here. If this all sounds pretty good to you, you can find a Brown Sheep retailer here. Maybe you’ve got some at a LYS near you!

A special thank you to Stitchcraft Marketing and the Brown Sheep Company who generously sent me 3 skeins of Stratosphere ($42) for free. I received no other compensation for this review. All opinions and photos are my own.

Back to real life

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind this past week! I thought I’d have a post up a day or two ago, but there just hasn’t been the time or energy or brainpower. We had a wonderful trip. The girl is all settled in to her dorm room and is loving college life so far. We love her campus, the people seemed friendly and helpful, and we already know it’s a great program, so I’m feeling okay about leaving her there. It was sad that night when we left, but overall I’d say we’re handling it just fine. I don’t know, maybe it’ll get worse, but so far, I’m just happy she’s where she wants to be.


We saw lots of gorgeous mountains, hiked in the Flatirons and in Rocky Mountain National Park, and spent a lot of time wishing we could move to Colorado. (Someday!) We hit bookstores and record stores galore. I found a place called The Chocolate Lab that had boozy butterbeer. (Too much actual beer. Gave to the husband and ordered a Dark Chocolate Elixir with Godiva liqueur instead. YUM.)

And yes, yarn stores! I visited three, only three, but I did some significant damage. No, that sounds too negative: I found a LOT of marvelous yarn. Too much to share in this post, to be honest, so that will be my next post. For now, I’ll share the progress I made on my newest project. It’s called the Michigan Avenue Wrap and I’m using three colors of Brown Sheep Stratosphere, their new superwash DK. The colors are gorgeous together and it’s growing quickly. I’m looking forward to having it for the cold fall temperatures.


It’s a lovely, soothing mindless knit, which is really important right sometimes. But to be honest, I’m feeling less stressed now that we have the girl settled in at school. Yes, I miss her, but it’s not hanging over my head anymore, and we can all settle into the new routine.

Can’t wait to show you all my new yarns!!