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Quick donation project

It’s not Friday but I do have a couple of finished projects to share. The daughter of a friend of mine is going through her second bout with leukemia, and they’re doing a silent auction fundraiser. Of course I wanted to donate, and since we’re in the land of the Kansas City Royals and baseball season is just kicking off, I went with Royals colors for a hat and mitt set.

img_3532The yarn is more of the Lion Brand Jeans yarn, this time in Brand New, Faded, and Vintage.¬† The hat is based off the Seaman’s Cap, but I made it a little taller. And I’m wondering about the brim: it’s my first hat with an intentional brim, where there’s a knit row to turn it up. Do you guys ever stitch the brim in place turned up, or just leave it loose?

The mitts are the 75 Yard Malabrigo Mitts, which is my favorite mitt pattern ever. They’re so fast; I made these in just a couple of hours. I’m pleased with how they came out, now I just hope someone bids some money for them!

Mindless Knitting: Barley Hat & Quadratic Shawl

It’s Wednesday, right? I think so. I’ve already had a fair bit of waiting room time that needed truly mindless knitting, so I managed to finish the Barley hat I started almost two weeks ago. I really really enjoyed making it, so much I didn’t want to stop, apparently: the hat ended up as a major slouch hat instead of a normal beanie. I just wanted to keep knitting ’round and ’round! But I’m going to pretend I did it on purpose because I do love how it turned out.IMG_3734 IMG_3736 IMG_3739I’ll definitely be making more of these and maybe even manage to make some as a fitted beanie like it’s supposed to be! If you’d like to make one too, here’s the pattern on Ravelry. I made it as written for the adult medium except I knit the body at least¬†9″, I think.

My other mindless knitting was on the Quadratic shawl. I started this at the very beginning of September last year and got a good start before getting pulled away by holiday knitting. Since it’s all garter stitch, it’s perfect for when you need to be distracted but can’t follow complicated patterns. I’ve gotten a fair bit done, but you can definitely see where I stopped and re-started. I wouldn’t have thought my tension would be so different in the span of four months, but clearly it is. Here’s hoping it’s less noticeable after blocking.IMG_3744But the Quadratic is going back in a drawer for a little while, because last night I signed up to do a little event. Our local downtown has an event space called The Exchange, and once a month they host local Etsy sellers for a show. It’s only 4 hours, but it’s free, and I think it’s a truly awesome idea. I just learned about it recently and inquired last night, thinking I’d start with the March event, and they offered me a spot at the February event on Valentine’s Day! Woohoo! So until then my fingers will be flying on hats and boot cuffs to have a good variety for sale. My inventory’s a little low, so wish me luck on building it up in the next two weeks. (EEK!)