Sock It To Me Monday

Hooray, I finished a pair of socks for the first time in ages! This is only my second finished pair for the year, which is not typical for me. I actually cast on socks with this yarn on January 1. I was going to knit some paw print socks with some purple Araucania Huasco Sock Kettle Dyes, but it was slow going and then I gave up and decided to knit some simple socks instead. THREE MONTHS LATER, I have finally finished these simple socks. I’m not thrilled with them either.

On the first sock, I dropped a stitch and didn’t realize it until many rows later, so I used a crochet hook to bring it back up, but it was so many rows that it puckered the yarn a little bit. Maybe that will loosen up in the wash? And then, LOOK. They are not the same length. I know it won’t matter when I wear them but it bothers me nonetheless. These have now been tucked away in my sock drawer for fall, when I will pull them out and be happy to wear them because they’re such a pretty color and I will have forgotten how annoying the process was.

Anyway, how’s your sock knitting going?

7 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. The purple looks rich in color. I’ve found a belated dropped stitch on occasion. Ugh! My sock knitting soothes me. I finished Gumball Machine yarn (artistic Yarn by Abi) pair just yesterday. Check them out on IG- @rutheh

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