When my alarm went off this morning, I felt so tired at the thought of getting up and going to work. It feels like this week has already been two months long. I think it’s because sleep doesn’t help very much when it’s emotional fatigue you’re dealing with. And yet! I got up and did all the things I was supposed to do, so there’s a win. And I have yet another finished cowl to share, so there’s another.

I pulled out my hibernating turquoise cowl and decided it was time to finish it. It alternates several rows of stockinette with lace so while I was working on the plain rows, I also read a book on my iPad, which kept me from getting too bored with the cowl. And I was farther along than I realized, so I got to the end pretty quickly.

The pattern is called Rudimentary (Etsy link) and it’s fine, except it had a few typos which bothered me. And just now, when I went to get the link, I realized my middle section isn’t as big as it’s supposed to be – not sure if that’s my error or the pattern’s! I didn’t love the pattern, wouldn’t knit it again, but eh, it was fine. I have no idea what the yarn is. It was sitting in my stash, already caked, and I couldn’t find a loose tag or ball band, so all I know is that it’s some type of sock yarn with stellina. And it’s pretty.

The color was really hard to capture. It was raining so I couldn’t go outside, and the light by the windows was too bright. But this is close, and at least you can see the different lace patterns.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

12 thoughts on “Rudimentary

  1. Well done – for getting things done and in particular for finishing off a project. I’m also always amazed by those who can read and knit.

  2. That’s a really pretty cowl! I’ve been having sleep issues lately, too. I blame a combination of the time change and the weather here… with all the pressure changes as storms move through, I’m sure that’s not helping my sleep, at any rate.

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