WIP Update

Even though knitting hasn’t been quite as joyful for me lately, I’m still trucking along on several projects. I cast on my second Turtle Dove II, with the peacock yarn, but it’s hibernating in the early stages of the yoke increases. I’ve got a bright turquoise fingering weight lace cowl going, but it’s very meh for me. I’ll finish it at some point. I did finish a shawl with two skeins of MadTosh Pashmina, which is a yummy blend of merino, silk and cashmere, in a stunning color called Wino Forever that’s impossible for me to truly capture in a photo, but maybe you’ll get some idea.

The pattern is called the Anomalie Shawl (non-Rav link), which is a crescent shape built of alternating ribbing and garter sections. It was wonderful to knit, both yarn and pattern, but didn’t end up quite as big as I’d hoped, even with using two skeins. I also finished the Chai Latte cowl, which I have in a book called Coffee House Knits but is also available online (non-Rav link). It’s currently blocking but here’s how it looked in progress. The yarn is Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras.

And I’m working on a fun single-skein shawl called The Bright Side (free on Rav), with gray/rainbow yarn from Desert Panda. This one is wonderfully mindless and wonderfully cheerful.

Soon I’ll be casting on a baby blanket for a co-worker gift, and I’m itching to cast on a shawl with the new yarn I got at the yarn store Friday. Just the three on the left – the silver sparkle I bought because it was on sale and it’s always a good idea for me to have silver sparkle in my stash. I’m planning to make a Joji shawl called Jodi. It’s available on LoveCrafts, which I prefer, but it’s $1.20 more than it is on Rav, which is kind of frustrating because I prefer not to give Rav money when I can help it. Maybe the fees are higher on that site?

I’ve now read everything Abbi Waxman has written and am almost done with Unraveling by Peggy Orenstein, which is fabulous and I highly recommend for all fiber lovers. It does NOT make me want to shear a sheep and make my own yarn, and it gives me a greater appreciation for all those who are able to do it and end up with gorgeous yarn at the end.

Happy Sunday, friends.

14 thoughts on “WIP Update

  1. I think Wino Forever is what Jonny Depp had his Winona Forever tattoo changed too after he broke up with Winona Ryder. The knitting looks great too. Apparently I only comment with obscure 90s references.

  2. Gorgeous colour on your finished shawl and of course the neon 🌈 and grey is fabulous. That malabrigo yarn would have been impossible for me to resist too. For someone whose lost their knitting mojo you are producing way more than me 😉

  3. Beautiful projects, one and all. I’m very much a fan of anything purple. I hope that knitting can bring you some joy at this stressful time. Sometimes just some basic repetitive knit/purl action is just what we need.

  4. Unraveling sounds like a fun read! I’ll have to see if I can get a copy… maybe my library has it? And I love projects that play with the yarn the way that The Bright Side shawl does! I’ve knit a few things like that, and always love the way they turn out. Your neon rainbow yarn is perfect for it!

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