WIP Wednesday

I have so many WIPs that it was hard for me to pick which ones to include! Okay, I’m lying. It wasn’t hard at all — I picked the ones close at hand for photos or that I already had a photo of. Once I’m settled on the couch for an evening, especially with good tennis on tv, it takes a lot to make me get up. And really, these have been my favorite WIPs the last week or so.

I’ve had some really good blanket mojo. I think I’ve added something like 20 squares so far this month. I’m going to roll with it as long as it lasts, since experience tells me I’ll get tired of it soon enough and it will go back into hibernation.

My Mixtape Cowl is going well too. After that misstep with the second stripe, I’ve done three correctly. It’s easy to get a stripe done in one evening and I’m only planning to do nine stripes total, so the finish line for this one is within sight. That always motivates me to work more on a project.

Over the weekend I focused on my gray Turtle Dove II. I frogged and started over with the bigger needle for the neck and I’m well into the yoke increases, even farther than this photo shows. It’s growing quickly and I’m loving the feel. If I were smart, I’d focus on this so I’m able to wear it before spring!

I must stop now — Jack says it’s time for pets! Happy Wednesday!

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