Come on, let’s twist again

You’ve all seen the instructions, I’m sure: “Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist.” Duh. Obviously we’re going to be careful about that every time, you don’t have to tell us! And yet.

We had tickets to the symphony Saturday night and I needed a mindless knitting project. The Litmus Cowl has been on my queue for ages so I downloaded the pattern (free on Rav, can’t find it elsewhere), pulled out a skein of gray and a set of six mini skeins from Show Me Yarn (from DEEP stash), and got to winding. I even split each mini skein into four tiny 5g balls, to make for the most mindless of mindless knitting. I did my provisional cast-on, joined, and knit three rounds before putting it away into its bag for the evening.

That night, I pulled out it as I waited for the show to start, and guess what? You got it — I had twisted my stitches when I joined! ARGH. I had time to pull it all out and pick up the first row back on my needle before the show started, and then I think I got a row and a half during intermission. But since the show was rousing enough that I wanted to give it my full attention, I went home with a smaller project than I started with. Sigh.

At least it was a phenomenal show — celebrating the music of the Harlem Renaissance and featuring both male and female vocalists as well as a tap dancer. Ella Fitzgerald is a favorite of mine and the female vocalist had worked with her and shared a couple of stories, including one where Ella was nervous before a show because she was afraid the audience wouldn’t like her! Can you imagine?? Anyway, it was a delightful evening and I’m pretty sure the husband and I need to go see live jazz more often.

Happy Monday, friends.

11 thoughts on “Come on, let’s twist again

  1. What a wonderful evening minus the twisted stitches. I have declared “never again” on bottom up sweaters because I had so much trouble with joining the stitches in the round despite “being careful”.

    • Haha I don’t blame you there! I can’t remember if I’ve ever done a bottom-up sweater but I can imagine how challenging that join would be. A couple of times I have done the trick where you knit one row flat first to help join without twisting.

  2. I grew up listening to a lot of Ella in the house. My mother was a music major and my father went to medical school in Chicago. They both loved jazz and I think all us kids inherited their taste in music. I always have jazz playing in the background during the day. Sorry about the twisted stitches. I do have to remind myself to be very careful every time I join in the round.

    • How lucky you were to grow up with music! My mom played a wide assortment of music when I was growing up so I ended up with an appreciation of a broad variety of genres. I love having music in the background!

      • Well … there was good and bad. We all took piano lessons (among other instruments), but it sucked to have a mother who could stand well out of sight (like, in the kitchen) and yell, “You’re playing that wrong!” and always be right. I give her credit though, she refused to teach any of her own kids. She has us take lessons from someone else, so when we groused about what we were learning or having to play, it wasn’t her doing. Smart lady. 😉

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