FO Friday: Great Diamond Authority Shawl

The Great Diamond Authority shawl was my last big finish for 2022, and for a while there I wasn’t sure I’d get there! I started this shawl back in June, I think, and it kept revolving in and out of hibernation. It’s a BIG project, for one thing, and sometimes I needed to not be knitting lace. But after I finished the MKAL at the beginning of December, I made a big push to get this one finally done, and I’m so glad I did!

Each section has a slightly different diamond lace pattern, finished with a knitted-on lace border. Now, friends, I think I can say with confidence that I NEVER want to do a knitted-on lace border on a shawl ever again. It took ages and ages of knitting the same little 12-row repeat across the width of this massive shawl, decreasing six stitches each repeat. BUT. (sighhhh) Oh my goodness, it’s stunning. Why is it that my favorite FOs are often the ones that gave me the most grief during the knitting process??

I just wish I could capture the sparkle. The yarn is from Polka Dot Sheep Fine Yarns, and it’s their Rime base which has that delightful 2% stellina that I’m unable to photograph. Just look at their photo and then imagine my shawl just glittering away! I can’t wait to wear this one out into the world!

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you all have fun and safe New Year’s Eve celebrations this weekend!

14 thoughts on “FO Friday: Great Diamond Authority Shawl

  1. That is gorgeous! I have a similar love/hate relationship with knitted-on borders. Though I am willing to do them (with lots of grumping) because they truly are lovely. I love the way the colors play together in your shawl!

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