WIP Wednesday: Scrappy Blanket

Remember how I was going to start a new blanket, a scrappy fingering weight blanket? HAHAHA that didn’t last very long! I DID start it, cast on enough stitches to almost fill a 60″ cable (using knitted on cast on, for those following along) with a size 3 needle, and knit three rows. Maybe four? And I didn’t like it. It was too thin, too lightweight. I knew I’d want a blanket with a bit more density. So I frogged it and immediately started over with two strands held together. I used the same cast on (which wasn’t quite as loose and messy this time) with size 5 needles this time, and I’ve already made it through several very long rows.

It’s going to be as random as I can stand to make it. I started with two yarn balls of different sizes and will just add another color as one runs out. With luck, it will be marled in a fun and quirky way!

Happy Wednesday, friends.

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