My First MKAL

I have decided to do my first mystery knit-along! I’ve never been tempted before — I typically like knowing what something’s going to look like before I spend hours and hours knitting it. But this time, one of the yarn kits drew me in.

That’s from Miss Babs’ website and oh my gosh isn’t it stunning?? That’s the link to all the sets for this MKAL but of course none of them come close to matching the beauty of this one. Even after seeing this, I thought I’d be able to resist, but I could not stop thinking about it. I thought about just buying the yarn and not doing the MKAL, but I knew it would be more likely that I’d never find a pattern as well-suited to the set as this one (hopefully!) will be.

So what am I knitting? It’s a Winter Wonderland rectangular wrap/shawl with “easy texture and simple lace” and no colorwork or brioche, so fingers crossed it won’t be anything too tricky! I’ve already convinced one knitting friend to play along with me!

Have you done a MKAL before and if so, do you wear the finished item?

And best of all: HAPPY FRIDAY! FINALLY!

15 thoughts on “My First MKAL

  1. Absolutely stunning colors – I can see why you were drawn to them. I normally don’t like MKALs either but I have done a few and if done right, they can be very fun. I can’t imagine you won’t enjoy working with those colors/that yarn!

  2. These colors are great! I have done a few MKALs before—favorites including the Nessie Expedition socks by Lattes & Llamas and the Swan Lake Stole by Melanie Gibbons—but sometimes they just don’t work for me. I’ve since gotten a lot more picky about the MKALs I sign up for, only doing them when the designer’s other work is stuff that I will be happy wearing. The Swan Lake Stole for instance—that was my first experience with Gibbons. I ended up liking the stole because there were two versions to pick from, but if the other option (the one I didn’t choose) had been the only choice? I don’t think I would have liked it much at all.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your lovely yarn choice knits up!

  3. Best of luck with it, the colours are beautiful so I am sure it will look amazing. I won’t ever do a MKAL, I knit for the project not the process so it’s not something I’d risk personally. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it though.

  4. Hope you have fun. Lots of people love the Steven West mystery knit. I’m too controlling. Don’t want to knit something I’m not going to like. Also not interested in yarn clubs because it’s not worth getting yarn I don’t like. Too bad because I do see the fun of revealing a pattern or yarns. On the other hand ….. I did buy 3 advent calendars this year so I guess I do have a mystery streak.

    • That’s why I’ve never done it before either — more so with yarn clubs than with KALs. At least if I pick yarn I love for the MKAL, I can knit something else if I hate the project!

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