Big Rock Candy Mountain

I have finished my Riprap top! Hooray! It has been washed and blocked and waiting to be shared another day, once I’m able to get decent photos of the completely-finished sweater. And now that it’s done, I’ve moved on to the other bigger project I’ve been obsessed with lately: the Rock Candy Mountain shawl. I came across this on Instagram and immediately began stash-diving. I didn’t want to just make the pattern, I wanted to make THIS shawl, exactly as she did. (I could only find a ravelry link.)

My stash dive yielded five of the seven colors, and Sarah from Mildly Granola generously offered a skein of reddish-orange from her stash. After that, I had superwash wool in gray, pink, and turquoise, and silk in green and purple. The pattern calls for either DK or fingering weight held double, and I had a mixture. The green silk I had was either a heavy fingering or a light DK but I figured it would be okay. I searched destash yarns on Etsy and soon I had a yellow wool fingering to complete the set and I was off to the races!

Everything went swimmingly until I got to the green. It was indeed lighter weight than the previous colors, which visibly affected the gauge. The silk also felt different than the wool, which I’d expected but didn’t think I would mind. I minded. Luckily for me, this was my main travel project when the husband and I went to Omaha, and among my trips to yarn stores I managed to find a good replacement yarn! I bought the same yarn in purple, since experience had already told me I wouldn’t want to use the purple silk I’d pulled from my stash.

Only two colors left and I can’t imagine they’ll take too long. It’s not exactly the stashbuster I’d planned, since I ended up buying three of the seven colors, but it cleared out four skeins and I sure love it. It’s going to be HUGE and squishy and cozy!

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