Three months later

Here’s the weird thing: I haven’t really missed blogging, and I think I know why. I was doing a job interview recently and he asked about the blog and the knitting, if it was professional or fun, and I said I started it when I started knitting because I was looking for a community. I wanted to find my people. And, well, now I have. I have my wonderful fabulous knitting friends that I’ve found through this blog, and through those friends, and I have my work knitting friends, and maybe that’s what I needed and now the blog isn’t as critical for me. Of course, there’s also the fact that life and work has been super crazy and stressful the last few months and I haven’t had the time or energy. But I wanted to close out the year with a final FO post, and we’ll see what happens going forward.

But first, yeah, I mentioned job interview — I got a new job! I’m going to be a writer on an internal communications team of a regional bank chain, and I’m so excited. It feels fantastic for my career to become more closely aligned with what I love and what I’m best at. There were a lot of people at my old company that I’m sad to leave, and I’m grateful for all the opportunities I got there, but I’m very ready to move on … as soon as I know for sure I don’t have COVID. Because of course there are people who have symptoms and don’t say anything and don’t stay home, I’ve had a potential exposure and I woke up today with congestion and a headache. So instead of starting my new job on Monday, I’ll be starting the next week. NOT at all how I wanted to start with a new company, but it can’t be helped, and I’m glad they’re taking precautions to avoid future exposures. It also means I’m missing my sister’s wedding on Sunday and that sucks a whole heck of a lot. You can imagine how I’m feeling about that, and you’d probably be right. Better to miss it out of extra caution than infect anyone there. (Which is what everyone should do and if they did then maybe I wouldn’t be missing my sister’s wedding!!)

There’s no possible way I could catch you up on everything that’s happened in the last three months so I’ll just share my most recent finished object, the last one of the year. This is the Paramellowgram by Christine Parker. (That’s the Etsy link but it’s on Rav too.)

Isn’t it fabulous?? I did mess up a little bit, and only did 10 rows of gray on each side instead of 20, so I blocked it out as wide as possible and I think it will work well as a wrap. I’m in love with the colors. I used two sets of the Capitol Rainbow minis from Marianated Yarns, plus a gray from LoloDidIt and a black whose brand I can’t remember.

Happy New Year, friends. Here’s hoping 2022 is a good one.

19 thoughts on “Three months later

  1. Happy New Year and Good luck in your new job. I too was caught by track and trace for covid this week, same symptoms as you, one test says I am jnfectiouse, anither says I am not. Either way I am at home self isolating. Hopefully you won’t have it.

  2. Happy new year! The new job sounds great, and it’s wonderful that you have found your knitting people through the blog. It should be fun here, and if it’s not what you need right now then it’s much better to step away until you’re ready again.

      • The blog friends I’ve made are the reason I have stuck around so long, honestly. (15+ years blogging… yikes.) Though every so often I have to re-evaluate how much time I want to put into it, and I have changed up my posting and blog hopping frequency many times over the years. 🙂 I’d miss my blog friends if I was away too long, though.

    • Oh hello! I’ve missed you! I confess, when I stopped blogging, I also stopped reading blogs and so I had to go back and catch up. I’m so sorry about the stupid old job people but delighted you’ve got something new lined up. Good luck with it!

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