A little bit of FOMO

I did not go to Rhinebeck this year.

I mean, I’ve never been to Rhinebeck, so this year isn’t really any different. I’m still seeing all the photos on Instagram of cool people meeting other cool people and wearing awesome knitwear and generally having a fabulous time, and it’s convincing me that I’m missing out big time by not being there.

But! I DID go to Iowa! Sarah had free tickets to a musical, and she knows I love musicals, so I zipped up the highway on Friday morning to spend about 24 hours with her. The musical (The Band’s Visit) was NOT our jam and we would have left at intermission had there been one, but we still had fun. Saturday morning we had a mini-reunion of our Wisconsin group (very much missing Alissa!) for a couple of hours of knitting, plus donuts that we didn’t have to wait in a long line for. So I basically had my own low-stress mini Rhinebeck, and saved a shit ton of money in the process.

Take that, FOMO!

Happy Sunday, friends.

14 thoughts on “A little bit of FOMO

  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your friends, good for you. I’ve actually had a few folks tell me Rhinebeck isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and that the Maryland Wool and Sheep Festival is much better.

  2. I know.. all the Rhinebeck noise. Had a wonderful time at my local wool festival minus all the “knit master/podcaster” craziness. Much happier supporting local makers. How much yarn I can buy by not needing hotels, plane tickets, and car rental!!

  3. Sounds like you had a better time with your mini-meetup than you would have in a more crowded space! I’ve never been to Rhinebeck either, though I sorely miss my knitting buddies. (Our group had several people me away—me included—and though we tried the occasional road trip visit it never really worked out. And I’ve yet to put in the time and effort to find a new knitting group… not COVID’s fault, though of course that didn’t help either.)

    • I really do think something as big as Rhinebeck would stress me out, so smaller gatherings are the way to go. Hope you find some knitting friends soon–it’s so hard to make new friends.

      • Thanks! I had plans to attend a local shop’s knitting nights, and then COVID struck and the shop ended up moving online only. So now I have to find a new local yarn shop that I feel comfortable going to meet up with people. I have confidence that it will happen, though! It will just take time.

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