Sock It To Me Monday: a FO

I’m back down to three pairs of socks on my needles! Even though I cast on a new sock last week, I managed to finish a lingering WIP over the weekend. I was watching the French Open so I needed mindless knitting, and I thought it was the best opportunity to work on a sock I didn’t love knitting. Lo and behold, I managed to get it done during the women’s final! And that night, I finished sock one of my rainbow socks!

It’s funny how such little things can make a person feel so accomplished! And I love how the striped socks feel on my feet — they’re kind of squishy but the yarn also feels sturdy. They’ll be very good fall socks. And now I can zoom along on my second rainbow sock without any guilt. Have you finished anything that made you feel productive lately?

Happy Monday, friends!

7 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday: a FO

  1. Don’t you just love bright colors for socks. I’m so loving the pair I just started yesterday. I’ve had the yarn for years and finally getting around to knitting them up. Now I can’t wait to get them done!!

  2. I love those rainbow socks, I wish I could work out how to dye yarn to make stripes like that. I finished spinning some fibre I started in 2019…or maybe 2018. I just need to ply it today and that will feel great to have another long term WIP finished.

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