FO Friday: Rainbow Beanie

For a fingering weight hat, this went fast! I cast on Tuesday and finished it last night. It came out a tad bigger than I expected, with a hint of slouch, but I’m hoping that will be okay. They can grow into it, right? It’s superwash yarn so I’m going to send it through the washer and dryer before gifting it. The yarn is Lion Brand Mani-Pedi (I think that’s what it’s called) and I really like the colors. It’s maybe not as as soft as some more expensive yarns, but I’m guessing a wash will help with that too.

We capped off the girl’s visit with an outdoor summer band concert — live music! the girl playing her flute! — and dinner and game night on our deck. It was perfect for burgers and Scrabble. The only thing that could have made it better would be if I had won that game!

And now the girl is gone and we are back to three. Grace might be the saddest of all. She got to sleep with the girl while she was here and now she’s back to sleeping downstairs with the other dogs. That is sad for us too, since she gets lonely and doesn’t let us sleep as late!

Happy Friday, friends.

9 thoughts on “FO Friday: Rainbow Beanie

  1. Fun looking colours on the hat. Not sure about the name though – mani-pedi – sounds like it means manicure/pedicure – I think manis/pedis should be all pinks/reds/lilacs, rather than mud greens etc – or am I just out of date?! A friend did gift me a dark grey varnish a couple of years ago – I thought it made my nails look on their way out! I digress….. I still like the hat!
    And how nice for you to be a family of 4 briefly again. When they grow up and spend more time away than at home you miss them !

  2. The hat looks so colourful. It’s great. Your day sounds so great, that deck really is a great space for hanging out, I’m so jealous. Poor pup missing your daughter, I’m sure you will too.

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