Sock It To Me Monday: Roll On

When will I want to start knitting more complicated things again? It feels like all I’m doing is stockinette or ribbing, socks or sweater body. I’m not complaining, because this knitting is fun and soothing, but it is a little weird. I typically have at least one WIP that requires some brainpower. I guess technically I do, because I started a cabled scarf for the girl, but I have zero mojo for that at the moment. I’m starting to think about some other things I want to cast on. I want to knit another big lace shawl, and I want some sport-weight socks, and I have four skeins of DK that need to become a big cozy shawl. I’ve discovered I love wearing huge shawls; my massive Mermaid shawl is my favorite and I wear it around the house all the time. So I definitely need a huge purple shawl. But until I have the appropriate motivation to cast those things on, I will continue to knit socks. I finished some Rose City Rollers from leftovers, and I had to get creative.

Writers have a term, “pantsers”, that they use for people who write without a plan or an outline; they write by the seat of their pants. Apparently when it comes to knitting socks, I am a pantser because I just grabbed a good-sized ball of leftover sock yarn and cast on. In one sense, it didn’t work in my favor because obviously I ran out and had to supplement with the pink. But in another sense, um HELLO these socks are super fun! And I wrote down how much yarn they used so now I can weigh my ball to make sure I have enough next time.

It’s been a busy weekend. We started with the symphony on Friday night and that was magical. It was SO good to hear live music again in over a year. I knew I’d missed it but hadn’t realized exactly how much. Then we had a family birthday party on Saturday, and a family graduation dinner on Sunday, celebrating the three cousins who graduated high school this year. I loved seeing everyone and had a lovely time and now I’m exhausted and looking forward to a lazy day of watching tennis and knitting.

Happy Monday, friends.

11 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday: Roll On

  1. Love your sock yarn!! I try to have a “braindead” project (stockinette) and a “brainy” project as WIPs. Still sometimes I just need to get some projects done!! So I’ll have more “braindead” socks going.

  2. Your socks look great! And I’m jealous you get to watch tennis – since the French is on Tennis Chanel only I have to listen to the radio (which tbh I love because they’re so fun, but it is a little harder to tell what’s happening)

    • Oh, I signed up for a free trial of Peacock so I could watch some of it, and we have YouTube TV so I can see what they show on NBC. Mostly I’ll just get weekends I think. Someday I’d love to have the tennis channel! It would be nice if there was one simple way to watch all four Grand Slams.

  3. I normally have a TON of knitting projects on the go so that I can knit whatever sounds appealing at the time, but lately I’ve been focusing nearly exclusively on one project at a time. It’s weird to me, so I know what you mean about knitting patterns being messed up right now.

    I miss live music. Luckily I have a visit with family planned for 2 weeks from now (first real visit since February 2020, now that we’re all fully vaccinated!) so I have something good to look forward to!

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