Sock It To Me Monday

Some socks practically knit themselves, don’t they? Yesterday I decided I needed a third pair of socks on the needles, a more fun pair of socks than my current two, so I wound a most awesome skein of yarn from The Lemonde Shop. I cast on right before my knitters’ Skype call and just kept going after it was over.

I adore this yarn so much and I’m really hoping I can squeak out a pair of shorties too, with contrasting toes. I’m also very glad I have another skein from her in my stash, even if it’s gray with the rainbow instead of purple. This color is called Rainbow Dream and I don’t see it on her site at the moment; fingers crossed she does it again someday.

Like much of the country, we are in the middle of an extreme cold spell. It’s been over a week of single digit and negative temps, with negative wind chills. Like many people I’m sure, I am very tired of it. I am clearly not made to endure long stretches of cold so maybe I will not be moving to northern Colorado after all. Or maybe I would be happier if I weren’t living in a house that could handle these temperatures. Our house is currently 61 degrees inside and the cold water supply pipe to the upstairs bathroom appears to be frozen. Maybe if we didn’t have to demo the falling-down sleeping porch, we could afford to replace windows and break into walls to add insulation or whatever it is the pipes need.

However! There is good news on the horizon: today appears to be the low point, literally and figuratively, and starting tomorrow temperatures will start to creep back up, slowly but surely. And we have given a large deposit to our contractor so that the renovations can start early this spring, and maybe we’ll be able to move out of this money pit eventually after all! Until then, dogs and blankets all around.

Stay warm, friends.

12 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. Stay warm! Those socks look great. And I agree, I can’t handle the cold well… but a huge part of that is because our house wasn’t designed for it. Poor insulation, single-pane windows, and vaulted ceilings do not make for cold weather comfort.

  2. You’re such a fast sock knitter! Those socks are great! What are your favorite needles to use? Have you used Flexi Flips? I have tried numerous times to cast on for socks but I just get frustrated. I hate Magic Loop! I really want to be successful with the Addi Flexi Flips! Thanks for letting me vent!

    • I don’t know if I’m that fast or just did that much knitting that day! I have tried FlexiFlips and didn’t like them. I used them for about half a sock before I got frustrated and went back to my DPNs. My 5″ DPNs are my favorites for socks!

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