Busy Weekend: Done

Oh golly, I’m tired. Our bookcase replacement project is done but it took most of the weekend and a lot of effort. The husband assembled all the bookcases, and I moved all the books over, as well as climbed up and down chairs to move the LEGO sets that live on top of the bookcases. After that was done, we had to break down and bundle up all the cardboard (and there was a lot of it) and finally, get rid of the old bookcases. Thankfully, my brother and sister are book nerds as well as so they took them off my hands and out of my living room. All that’s left is one bad bookcase, currently in the dining room, that needs to be broken down and disposed of, and we have one lovely library/music room!

We’ve got some room to grow as well as room to display some fun things. And I’m quite happy because the husband also removed the old, non-functioning radiator that was taking up wall space — he found three old remote controls back there! I guess we know where they sat to watch TV! The setup for the turntable is new as well, which meant reclaiming the desk (which the clever husband built) as a desk, so I now have an actual workspace downstairs and no longer have to work at the dining room table.

Now it’s Sunday night and we have to work tomorrow and it feels like we didn’t get a weekend at all!

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