Happy Quiz

Liz at Highland Heffalump shared a quiz yesterday, and I loved the idea of thinking about happy things and places, so I thought I’d play along. Here are her questions:

  1. Where are your happy place locations?
  2. Is there a memory you go to in your mind as a happy place?
  3. Is there one particular happy place location in the world you can’t wait to return to (once you are able to)?
  4. What are your happy place hobbies/interests that help you escape the outside world?

And my answers:

  1. Knitting on the couch, with a dog or two snuggled up beside me, and my husband and/or kid(s) nearby & lots of laughter! A yarn store. A book store or a library.
  2. I’m not sure I reminisce that often, though I have lots of happy memories! On my kids’ birthdays, I like to remember the day the were born. I can’t think of any specific memories that I return to a lot.
  3. So many! Boulder, Colorado for one. The mountains are my most favorite happy place. But also my siblings’ houses, with everybody there! Knitting get-togethers in person, with comfy seating & snacks & TV. Rest stops are good once in while, but it doesn’t compare to a weekend getaway!
  4. Knitting is the best, but also reading. My newest hobby is putting together LEGO sets, perfect for tuning out the outside world.

Feel free to post your answers below or share in your own post.

The top of Pike’s Peak definitely qualifies as a happy place for me!

10 thoughts on “Happy Quiz

  1. Thanks for joining in. I spent a week in Colorado and climbed a peak and now I’m wondering if it was Pike’s Peak. Somewhere there’s a photo of a sign I took at the top. I hope to return to Colorado one day. We have some great friends that live there.

  2. I absolutely agree that there are no bad days up in the mountains!! I live in Colorado and everytime there was an event that I could sigh up for that took me to the mountains… I was there!!

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