I did the things

Okay I did the things! I sent a stern email to the big company whose shipper lost my package. I sent a (hopefully) polite and kind email to the yarn dyer whose yarn looked nothing like it was advertised. And I sent another email to the Etsy seller who hasn’t sent me a tracking number yet. The other missing yarn, well, we’ll just chalk that up to something going on with the seller and not worry about it.

I also finished the last bobble hat last night, thank goodness! Now they can go to their new owners and I can move on to more fun knitting.

The best news of the weekend: there is a new season of The Repair Shop on Netflix!!!!!!!! Season three is up now and I am going to try to ration it as much as I can, though I was so excited that I watched three episodes last night. It just made me so happy to watch it again. Felt like I was seeing good friends again! If you haven’t seen it and like heartwarming TV, please watch it. It’s so good for my soul.

Happy Sunday, friends.

15 thoughts on “I did the things

  1. Well, let’s hope things are resolved soon. I never enjoy sending out negative communications, but they are unfortunately at times, warranted.
    I am really grooving on the brown in the hats; I think a brown would get a lot of use. Why have I never thought of it?

  2. We’ve been watching the repair shop the last few years and it is definitely heartwarming. It started as a little show in the afternoons and then moved to an evening slot as it gained so many viewers and I’m thrilled so many of my US blogger friends have been watching it too now it’s on US Netflix. I think Covid has really caused a lot of problems with shipping stuff from the UK to US and it’s taking many extra weeks to arrive. I hope your parcels eventually turn up.

    • I just wish Netflix would have all the seasons! I also wish I could get it on US-compatible DVD because my mom would love this show but doesn’t do Netflix. Still, I’m grateful for what we do get of it!

      • Oh it won’t be that fast! Aren’t there five or six seasons? Netflix just now added season three, so if we’re lucky, we’ll get an old Christmas special!

      • It’s used to just be on every weekday here so not really split into seasons but probably was chopped into ones for Netflix. Now it’s gone to prime time so it isn’t on every day here. It’s so heartwarming though it was an unexpected hit here and was pulling more viewers on daytime TV than anything else by far.

  3. Those are cute bobble hats! Though knitting four of the same thing in the row like that can get frustrating. I don’t do it often because I get too impatient to start something new. I hope the emails you sent bring some resolution!

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