FO Friday: Christmas Socks

There has not been a lot of knitting in my world the last week or so. I’m overdue for an eye exam and eye strain hit me fast and hard. Looking at screens and reading for work gives me a headache and makes my eyeballs tired, so by the end of the day, I just want to chill with my eyes closed. Still, I have managed to finish my second Christmas sock.

These are the Uneek sock kit, with two “matching” cakes of yarn. I’d call them mostly matching; the second one started at a slightly different spot but I managed to make them match pretty well. The yarn is a little bit splitty, but not annoyingly so, and the socks are soft and thick and squishy. Now I’ve moved on to the gray socks for the boy. My Oxbow will probably wait until I have my new glasses. I go this afternoon so hopefully within a week or so I’ll be good to go.

Happy Friday, friends.

15 thoughts on “FO Friday: Christmas Socks

  1. Good luck with the eye appointment! It’s always a relief to have glasses that are the right strength.

    The socks look great! Your experience with the “a little bit splitty” quality of the yarn seems to match mine. I didn’t have a problem knitting the socks most of the time, but I really noticed the yarn not holding together properly when I went to sew in the ends.

  2. Great socks! Hope your new glasses improves your quality of life. It might sound like I worded that dramatically but it’s truly no fun.

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