Here come the holidays

Oh golly. 2020, amiright? Good news: we’re all feeling fine, the boy’s test was negative and my tests have been negative, and the two weeks since possible exposure are up Monday. Of course, we’re very lucky: someone else I know tested positive this week (though honestly, I’m not sure they’re very good about staying home/not socializing etc).

Bad news: the girl is not coming home for Thanksgiving. I know it’s the right decision but I hate it quite a lot, and today it’s hitting me hard as the husband plans the menu and I know it will just be the three of us. I am trying to remind myself to be thankful that everyone I love is still alive. And the three of us are going to be as careful as possible so that with any luck, she can be here for Christmas. (Just let me be optimistic about something, okay?)

My recent ennui has extended beyond this blog and into my knitting. I frogged that cowl and it was satisfying, but I don’t have a new pattern picked out for the yarn. Besides a third swatch for my Oxbow, which is drying now, all I’ve done is make two bobble hats.

My former boss has commissioned four of them for new lab members, which is the only reason I will consent to doing bobbles anymore. But now they’re on hold because I’m waiting for more brown yarn to arrive in the mail. (I wanted to say “post” there. I think I’ve been watching too much British TV. Can I just say, watching Diana on The Crown is quite sad. We’re not too far into the new season yet, but it just makes my heart ache a bit.)

Today, though, today I’m going to try to break through the wall with some Christmas knitting. I remembered I had a sock kit in my stash, plus my new self-striping from Two Sisters is here. Which one to knit first? Oh, and I also got some gorgeous new yarn from the Lemonade Shop the other day. So many yarns I want to play with!

I think today will be a couch/tea/knitting/movie marathon kind of day. And dogs. Always dogs. Here, have a photo of Duncan in his new pajamas. He’s quite dapper, I think.

Happy weekend, friends.

12 thoughts on “Here come the holidays

  1. You have some lovely holiday yarns to choose from! Can’t wait to see what you make of them 🙂
    So sorry the girl will not be able to join you for Thanksgiving, but hopefully you will see her for Christmas! Will you guys be able to Zoom/Skype? I know it’s not the same thing, but at least you will be able to see each other.

  2. Great news on your results, fingers crossed for Christmas with the whole family. That’s funny I sometimes worry I watch too much US TV and with reading so many US blogs I sometimes use American words like sweater.

  3. I’m sorry your girl wont be joining you for Thanksgiving. We won’t be seeing any of our kids either, except the one that lives here. We’re going to make meals and pack them in containers and drop them off on their doorsteps. I LOVE your Christmas yarn! You’ve got some beautiful deep reds. I can’t wait to see your makes. I am trying to finish the trans pride socks before I start my Christmas pair. I got a new skein of Christmas yarn in DK and I’m not sure what to make.

  4. Oh, Duncan! You silly boy!
    I am so pleased your test results are negative. I think a little caution now in order to preserve Christmas is very smart. I hope everything works out.

  5. Hooray for the negative tests! And yes, Thanksgiving will be weird. I’m doing a distanced & masked drop-off of some treats to my family, but it will be so weird to just have me and Mr. Wyrm for Thanksgiving dinner. (Though I am still cooking turkey and all the trimmings… just smaller amounts of everything.)

  6. That’s sad about Thanksgiving, but hopefully we will all get to see our people come Christmas. It’s quite comforting hearing all the news about vaccines at the moment – we can’t be too far away.

    • Yes, I agree! At first I was wary because of how fast they’re coming out, but I read something from a researcher that they usually take so long because of funding and approvals, and that’s all going so quickly for this. Fingers crossed!!

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