Happy Halloween

Though I am not a big Halloween fan, I know many of you are, so I wish you all a fun and safe celebration tonight. We’ll be home with the porch light off, acting like it’s any other Saturday night. We never get trick-or-treaters even in good years, so it’s not like we’re depriving anyone anyway. And after this maybe I can start slowly bringing out the Christmas decorations. I don’t know why I want them out already; I never do this early. But it is my favorite holiday, so maybe I’m seeking the joy it’s brought me in years past, since this year is such a dumpster fire. I’m avoiding social media as much as possible and just kind of holding my breath to get past the election. Though I know it won’t be OVER that night, it still seems like a big hurdle I’m ready to get past.

In the vein of wanting Christmas spirit, and also feeling unambitious, this has been my knitting this week.

It’s good, a happy sock. I’m not excited about any of my WIPs right now, but I can’t tell if that’s their fault, or my own lack of mojo. I’m feeling the itch to do a bulky cowl, and the boy asked for a simple ribbed beanie, so those might be started soon.

Oh, and Jack is still in the cone when he’s unsupervised. The hot spot was a bad one and is very slow to heal, so while it’s getting better, I’m being very cautious. Thankfully, he is a good and patient boy and when it’s time to put on the cone, he sits and tilts his head back so we can slide it on.

Happy Saturday — hope all is well (enough) in your world!

12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Your sock is looking great! I hope Jack heals up quickly and well – the cone can’t be fun for him, but nice that he’s such a good boy about it 🙂 It’s not surprising that you want to get the Christmas stuff out sooner rather than later. I think most of us would like to fast forward through to the end of this year!

  2. Happy Halloween! I think I’m going to bring out a few Christmas decorations tomorrow. I’ll have to sneak them out as my husband will think it is too early. I’m searching for anything that makes me feel cozy this year.

  3. I’ve started thinking about Christmas as well. But I’m going to try to milk Thanksgiving before decorating for Christmas. Your sock is a happy one. I hope Jack feels better soon!

  4. Great sock! I love it. We also stayed home with the porch light off for Halloween, but like you we don’t get trick-or-treaters in a good year, either. I stopped buying candy and turning on the porch light years ago.

    I hope you feel better soon! I know I’ve been more anxious than usual lately, too. I’ve been considering playing Christmas music now that Halloween is over, and I *ALWAYS* wait for Thanksgiving. This feels so weird to me, but I guess I just need the comfort.

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