Color Quiz

I’m late to the Color Quiz party from Nothing But Knit  but I thought it would be fun to play along anyway!

  • What is your favorite color? How is this color reflected in your crafting?
    Is there anyone reading this who doesn’t know it’s purple? The bulk of my projects are purple, my blog has a purple background, many of my craft accessories are purple…
  • Do you prefer bright colors or more subdued shades?
    Bright colors for sure! Purple, pink, turquoise.
  • Does your color mood shift with the seasons? Do you carry one color all year and just change the accent color?
    I think there is a bit of shifting, with bright, vivid colors for spring/summer and jewel tones for cooler weather, but there’s always some shade of purple in there.
  • Is there a color you avoid? Or maybe it’s underrepresented in your crafting?
    I don’t like yellow at all. I don’t buy yellow yarn unless it’s for a specific project. I’ve used it in a couple of Wonder Woman-themed projects but not on its own for me. And since I dyed my hair purple, I don’t wear red, so I don’t knit with it much.
  • When you pick out your crafting supplies how important is color to you? Is it the first thing you consider or is it a bit further down the list?
    Color is the number one factor, followed by feel. Even if it’s purple, it has to be soft!
  • Do you ever consciously choose a different color palette just for the change?
    Nope. The few times I’ve made things in less-than-favorite colors, the projects drag and I don’t enjoy it as much, so I just embrace the purpleness!

5 thoughts on “Color Quiz

  1. Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me at all. 😉 I also don’t knit much yellow, because I don’t look good in yellow and so I don’t seek out yarn in that color. However, I have knit some yellow socks that I kept, so it’s not a hard and fast rule.

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