WIP Thursday

I missed WIP Wednesday, so you’ll get the WIP without the alliteration today. Late last week, or maybe last Saturday, I cast on for a new shawl with my new yarn. This is the Hope and Feathers shawl with my Lolodidit Halloween yarn. I really did think this was going to be sock yarn when I ordered it but boy was I wrong, because it’s PERFECT in this pattern.

My zigzags don’t seem as prominent as the ones in the original, but I’m sure that’s just because there’s not as much contrast in my yarns and I still think it looks awesome. And this pattern is seriously addictive. I worked on it all of Saturday and Sunday, until I got distracted by my other projects on Monday. I’m eager to get back to it!

I also got a little bit of happy mail earlier this week, a skein of yarn that I ordered from Bumblebee Acres Farm back in August. It came with a set of mini minis, and I find them adorable but am not quite sure what to do with them.

Any suggestions?

16 thoughts on “WIP Thursday

  1. Oh, I love that yarn! Off to check out the website…

    And the shawl looks great! I agree, the contrast isn’t as high as the one in the picture you showed us last time, but these yarns are perfect together. It will just be a different kind of two-color shawl.

  2. Love your Hope and Feathers shawl! Even without strong contrast, those yarns work together beautifully 🙂 Your Bumblebee Acre yarn is gorgeous! Maybe a cowl for the minis, together with a neutral? Or fingerless mitts?

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