Birthday Birdie

Yesterday was the mother’s birthday. I probably shouldn’t tell you what age it is, but I’m 43 and she had me in her 30s so that’s close enough. Old enough that when I dropped off her birthday donuts, my heart ached that I couldn’t go inside for a long visit, that we had to stay on the porch in the heat and the sun, that I felt like I needed to wear a mask to keep her safe, that I couldn’t give her a hug. But I remind myself that I’m doing this so that maybe she’ll be around for another birthday next year, and by then hopefully we’ll be able to do all the things I missed this year. And we’re having a small socially-distanced family gathering tomorrow, which will be nice. I have a real gift for her but today I also made her this.

7220843E-97C0-429C-8C53-D015A48FC89A_1_201_aCardinals are her favorite bird. I’ll cut a little bit of string so she can hang him somewhere and he can always be flying. And now that he’s done I’m off to finish my shawl! Happy weekend, friends!

14 thoughts on “Birthday Birdie

  1. Happy birthday to your Mom! It does stink that you guys weren’t able to interact the way you usually would. But as you say, hopefully next year things are back to normal! Very cute bird πŸ™‚

  2. Happy birthday to your mum! It has been so rubbish, hasn’t it! I am the last in my family (as in, Mum, Dad and my sister) to have a birthday, and mine has been the only one where we have been able to get together. I am sure she was thrilled to see you, even if it wasn’t for too long and that brightened her day no end. The cardinal is very sweet πŸ™‚

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