Switching Gears

I made little progress on my new Ripple Bralette yesterday, because yarn arrived in my mailbox! This is a review project I’m doing and it needs to be done lickety-split — thank goodness I’m making simple socks.

img_8379I started with the green. They’ll be for the boy to test, since these are machine washable and he’s a teenage boy so he’s a little harder on socks than I am. Jack kept me company while I worked on them and by the time I went to bed, I was ready to start the heel.


Of course the pink/purple will be for me, and I’m thinking some Rose City Rollers will be perfect summer socks. Maybe I can finish the first sock this weekend! Happy Friday, friends.

13 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. I’ll be interested to hear your impressions! Kraemer Mills is near where I great up, and we used to go there when I was a kid for their factory seconds shop (my Mom and most of my adult female relatives were crafters) so I’m always interested to hear how they are doing.

    • I don’t know! I’ve never used cotton in socks before, because cotton doesn’t have as much elasticity as wool. So it will stretch out but not bounce back. This has acrylic and nylon in it so maybe that will help? This is mostly why I wanted to try this yarn–to see how a cotton blend sock would work out!

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