Ripple Bralette

Today started a little early for me, with Grace starting her barking at 4:45 am. The husband usually gets up with her during the week, but that’s around 5:30ish, close to 6 if we’re lucky. I felt bad this morning, so I got up and let the dogs out while I tried to get more sleep on the couch. The upside is that I had a bit of knitting time before starting my work day, and I got the back of my Ripple Bralette bound off. Of course, first I had to look at the pattern wrong and bind off too many stitches, undo the bind-off and redo it, but I got there in the end.

img_8359Now here’s the funny thing: supposedly that’s going to fit on my body! That’s what the pattern says and all the projects seem to support that, so I’m trusting the pattern, but I am skeptical. Now I just have to knit the cups and straps and it’ll be done!

Yesterday was a weird day. I actually wore real clothes and went out into the world multiple times! I voted, I drove to my local bookstore to pick up Midnight Sun (and it’s a signed copy, YAY!), and took Jack to the vet. (Mysterious gastrointestinal issues that are sporadic but persistent. No answers yet, just bills & expensive dog food.) In the waiting room at the vet, there was a woman across from me wearing a mask below her nose. Intentionally. And I know it was intentional because while she was talking to the vet tech and the vet, she kept reaching up to adjust it and make sure it was barely above her upper lip. Super. You can bet I stayed more than six feet away from her and discouraged conversation. So yeah, it was a long, kind of stressful day, but I ended it by “making” the guys watch Shrek with me. We hadn’t watched it in years so it was good for a few laughs.

61827260952__b4b76fbf-8db7-493d-8c82-5980dc6c895dJack and I wish you a happy Wednesday! (He is just happy he does not have to go to the vet today!)

13 thoughts on “Ripple Bralette

  1. Best of luck with Jack! It’s always rough when we don’t know what’s wrong with our pets. 😦 And people like that lady make me so mad! It sounds like you had a good day other than that, though… but I hope you get more sleep the rest of this week. 😉

  2. It is weird to get dressed in regular clothes and leave the house anymore, isn’t it? Hope Jack is feeling better soon. I’m interested to see how the Ripple Bralette works out!

  3. Oh no, poor Jack! I hope you figure out what’s going on. Apollo had gastroenteritis issues a couple of years ago, and the vet thought that maybe he had food allergies. Food with hydrolyzed protein seemed to calm his tummy (but yes. Very expensive).

    There is a tech who works at our vet office who does the same thing with her mask, and I always dread encountering her when I go in. She gives off massive Karen energy.

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