Sock It To Me Monday

Apparently it was a three-day weekend for a lot of people, but it didn’t feel much different for me. The husband spent his extra day off in his workshop, and I puttered around making masks and knitting. We’ve seen family pretty recently and didn’t have any plans for gatherings, so it was a very quiet holiday, and I’m okay with that. I finished one Christmas in July sock and am ready to start the gusset on the second now.

96A4CCDF-2D55-49A3-9289-23F7B1586ED4I also did another fast project, a drawer liner out of leftover sock yarn. I’d made a little one before, for my Kaweco pens, but this is a full-sized version for the drawer. It has the purl ridges to keep pens separate, but I’m going to make one more that’s all stockinette. They’re fast and fun and I love using up the sock yarn.

Happy Monday, friends. Here’s hoping we can all find a bit of happy this week.

11 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. The knitted pen drawer liner looks great! I love the idea, too.

    I hadn’t planned to cast on a new sock pair in July, but you convinced me with your prior Christmas (Socks) in July posts. So I’ve now finished the first of my Twinkling Tree Slippers and will be casting on the second tonight! Worsted weight socks FTW! I had forgotten how fast they knit up. And the thicker yarn will be perfect for winter slippers!

  2. The picture of your sock convinced me to do contrasting heels and toes on my matching socks. I don’t think I have enough for contrast cuffs, but I love how it looks so I’m going to try it soon.

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