Marathon, not a sprint

I’m wiped out, guys. Between the state of the world and some stuff going on behind the scenes, my mental/emotional state is kind of a wreck. I’m really struggling with going back to sharing knitting and dogs on social media, especially Instagram. It seems so trivial and petty right now. But I’m here, and I’m knitting. Mostly I’ve been working on my Penny sweater. I’ve got the body done and most of one sleeve done.

img_7997I’ve discovered I much prefer knitting sleeves separately rather than when they’re already attached to a big lump of sweater you have to keep adjusting. However, I’ve also discovered that when I purl on DPNs, I get the worst ladders. Here’s hoping that shit blocks out.

The other day I also ventured out to a yarn store. I made all the necessary precautions (sanitizer before and after, masks, limited touching of the yarn) and it was really comforting to be back in a familiar and pleasant environment. I miss yarn stores.

img_7990It’s all sock yarn, probably no surprise there, though I suppose it could grow up to be something other than socks.

Happy whatever-day-this-is, friends. Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy.

16 thoughts on “Marathon, not a sprint

  1. You’re right, it is hard to post our “normal” things right now. I love the colors you picked out at the yarn shop. I think the first two or the second two could go together in a shawl or something. Of course, they’d make great socks, too!

  2. It’s a lovely sweater. And it must have been great to get out to the yarn shop. Wish I could and had one near me now. I hope you continue to find the energy to post. I’m sure I and many others look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and well.

  3. The sweater looks great, and I love the new yarn!

    It might not seem right to post about normal stuff right now, but we need a balance of things. Without the normal stuff that makes us happy, what’s the point of fighting for the other things? Self care is important in order to keep us going, and for me at least, knitting is huge in the self care department.

    Hang in there and stay safe. We’ll get through this.

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