One more Happy Mail day

Yesterday I got happy mail, a package with yarn from MollyGirl Yarn that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It was a lovely treat and I appreciated it more as I knew it would likely be my last happy mail for a while. I found out last week that I’m being furloughed from work, so I’ll be refraining from yarn-ish purchases for a while. We’ll be okay: my husband’s job is secure and I can apply for unemployment, so apart from the whole emotional struggle of feeling non-essential, we’ll cut back on a few things and we should be fine. It sucks, but I understand why it happened and I’m luckier than many. I’m doing my best to think of this as a nice vacation to enjoy doing whatever I want, and some days that even works. So, want to see my pretty new yarn?

It’s hard to see, but the multi-color skein on the left has a sparkly stellina thread in it! It is sock yarn but I haven’t decided if it will be socks. The middle is worsted weight and I think it will become another River Deep, Mountain High cowl, also by MollyGirl Yarn. This is my favorite cowl ever and even though I have probably five of them, I’m always happy to make more. Then I have a gorgeous new set of minis. You can’t see them very well, but there’s a purple and a bright green in there too. And she even included a little gift of a few handmade stitch markers and a teabag, which made me smile. I do love stitch markers!

Yesterday I cleaned the house, at least as much as I could handle, so today will be knitting. I’m motivated to finish my Dowland shawl soon but I’m also itching to cast on something new and colorful. Maybe with my new minis? Tell me: what’s your favorite pattern for minis?

17 thoughts on “One more Happy Mail day

  1. Boo for being furloughed. It stinks (I know, I’m beginning week 7 today!) My advice is to stick to some kind routine. For example, I do all of my normal household nonsense in the morning, after knitting for an hour or so first. I make sure I put on ACTUAL clothes every stinking day. I plan dinner. There is LOTS of knitting. Mind you, I get bored and irritable, but it passes. Oh, and don’t watch the news any more than absolutely necessary! That sh*t will just make you mad and stressed out.

    • I’ve already been working from home for over a month, so at least I’m used to that part. I’m looking forward to avoiding the news, which I couldn’t do before. My husband has been doing most of the dinner planning/cooking (HOORAY) and I’ll let him keep that! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your job. Glad you got a happy yarn purchase in! I have curtailed my yarn purchasing for fear of which one might be my last! Still working, thankfully, so far. I’ve never knit with minis! I look forward to seeing what you make.

  3. Sorry to hear about the job, but I’m glad that you’re still okay at this point. The yarn is lovely! I have a stash of minis that I haven’t knit up yest because I’m worried about finding the “perfect” project for them, LOL. 🙂

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