Go with the flow

We didn’t make it to Wyoming yesterday. The girl forgot about a late afternoon rehearsal, so instead we had lunch, hit her favorite thrift shop, and went to a saxophone recital. And last night, I got to relax and work on my sock while she cooked dinner for us!

Dinner was delicious, but it was weird to see her being so adult-like. Not that she’s been immature before this, but she’s just so sure of herself and her life here. And it’s great but also… I don’t know if sad is the right word, but it feels like there’s been a separation, like she’s turned a page into this new life and it’s hitting me that we’ve crossed into this new territory, where she won’t be coming home as often or for as long, and she might not move back after she graduates. And I’m happy because that means we’ve done our job well and she’s capable of taking care of herself. But it also means I feel a little superfluous. I was never really sad as we moved through stages of parenting before, but this one is harder, maybe because it’s more final.

Anyway, sorry for getting all serious and maudlin. Parenting is hard and I miss my people and puppers back home and change is hard. That’s all.

I also made some progress on my Wave cowl. This is one full pattern repeat. The pattern says to just do half a repeat more, but if I’ve got enough yarn, I’ll do a full repeat to use as much yarn as possible. Plus I like tall cowls.

Today is concert day so I’ll sit in on a couple of rehearsals and work on my sock. And maybe tomorrow I’ll steal her car and go to Wyoming myself!