So that’s the problem!

I made a hat yesterday. Like a whole hat, start to finish. And I enjoyed it and actually wanted to knit, which is different than the last few weeks have been for me. I was trying to figure out why that was, when I’ve been so stuck in my knitting lately, and I realized that I might just be stuck with fingering weight shawls and sweaters. My socks are still a reliable knit for me, and I’ve made two hats with worsted weight, but that Boxy sweater is my nemesis right now, and my Melodia shawl is boring me to tears with all those plain garter stitch rows.

Add that to yesterday’s yearning for a yarn store fix and I think one possible solution is to do some stash-diving today and find a new worsted weight project that excites me, in a pretty yarn I’ve forgotten about. Not to get all philosophical about it, but the rest of my life is challenging and stressful without any easy or quick fixes, so maybe I need the opposite from my knitting at the moment.

Here’s a sneak peek at my newest review project, which is for a new yarn from Manos del Uruguay. It’s a sport weight which apparently is different enough from fingering weight to keep me happy.

img_6886The pattern is the Oleada Cowl and I’m loving these striped chevrons! This is a really addictive pattern; I just want to get to that next color change.

Now, I’m having lunch with a former co-worker today, so the question is: do I go to the yarn store while I’m out? I mean, I legitimately need to buy a pompom!

12 thoughts on “So that’s the problem!

  1. I’m shocked sport is different enough for you to be happy with it. I look forward to your Manos review, I think all of their yarn is wonderful. I think you should go on etsy and buy a ton of pompoms from naptime knitter mommy AND go to the yarn store, that way you can do a comparison. I haven’t wanted to work on any of my projects this week, but I want to cast on new things so I’m making myself work on at least one of my projects.

    • Itโ€™s a thick sport weight, and itโ€™s wool/alpaca, so itโ€™s got some heft to it. And your ideas sound delightful to everything except my budget! ๐Ÿ˜œ …off to Etsy I go…

  2. Yup, sometimes we just need a tiny shake-up in our knitting to make all the difference.

    And in that note, I think I’m going to go to a yarn store today after work to get a new pair of needles for my shawl that’s been stalled out. I haven’t knit on it in ages because the needles stick to the yarn too much, but I’d really love to have it finished so I can wear it this spring.

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