WIP Wednesday

It’s socks. It’s always socks. When I’m stressed out, I knit socks, and the last few weeks have been…less than fun, I’ll say. So I’m making socks. I finished a pair and was going to share them for Sock it To Me Monday but I forgot, or rather my motivation was lacking that day. So here’s the pair I finished last weekend:

D56B8092-3F44-4186-8E06-B01D47A2F520For someone who thought she didn’t like orange, I sure love it here, especially paired with the pink. The gray speckled yarn is Yarn Geek’s Super Geek yarn in Boxcar Gallery and I have enough to easily do another pair, especially if I do contrast cuff/toes again, and maybe make the leg a bit shorter. I’m thinking turquoise and lime green accents for the next pair! As soon as those were done, I went back to my older sock WIP and cranked out the rest of the first sock.

C33CC362-94AD-4826-AB80-D064F7F7551EThis is Knit Picks’ Hawthorne Fingering and I love both the kettle dyed color and the feel, a crisp, sturdy yarn perfect for socks. The blue is also Knit Picks but I’m not sure which, maybe Stroll. It feels thinner and softer, but also not as sturdy, so it’ll be interesting to see how the toes and heels perform.

Part of me wants to cast on a new, exciting project, but my mojo just isn’t there right now. The hard conversation I had last week hasn’t been as helpful as I’d hoped, and I’m having to keep pushing myself to have more of them, and I’m tired. My heart is tired. But how can I expect others to advocate for me if I don’t advocate for myself? So I’m pushing. No, I’m persisting! I like that better.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Happy Wednesday and happy knitting! I don’t blame you for knitting socks. When life is tough, the knitting at least can be easy. And I love the orange/pink contrast on those socks! It would be fun to have a set of four that all look similar, too. If you decide to do that, I’ll be really curious to see what changes the green/blue contrast yarn will make.

  2. I like the contrasting bits. I’m wearing some Yarn Geek socks today, and I love how they wear. They hold up very well. I hope the conversation is just taking a long time to sink in and things will be better soon. I also wish you the courage and strength to kick someone in the balls if it is needed.

  3. I loooove the socks! I don’t like orange either, but I would wear the heck out of those.
    Sorry that your talk didn’t have the effect you wanted, hopefully it’s just taking a bit of time to get through?

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