Musings on a Monday

If you read my last post, you’ll know I was meant to work on my Faded Boxy yesterday. Why I thought making an oversized sweater in fingering weight yarn was a good idea, I’ll never understand, because it’s taking 84 years just to knit the dang body. I started this sweater over four months ago and I’m finally getting to a point where I can imagine splitting for the sleeves.

908CC117-7E5F-453E-A443-3B519E8A2B1A_1_201_aThis is about 16 inches, and I need 19 before I split. That’s just one color section; I can do that. Or can I? Yesterday I did not work on my Faded Boxy. Instead I cast on a new worsted weight cowl, because those are my jam right now.

8875B99C-4DF8-4BA1-AF48-E0741A8D8748This is the Diamond Purl Cowl in KnitPicks Preciosa, color Tadpole. This is one of my favorite yarns from KnitPicks. It’s soft and fluffy and I love the subtle variations in the color. The pattern is pretty easy, still a comfort project as I sit with Duncan. Now, the question is: as I watch the coverage of the Australian Open today, will I work on the cowl, or the sweater?

And today is my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 76 today, and he’s been gone almost eight years now. Yes, it’s gotten easier, but I still miss him, and it’s still sharp sometimes.

IMG_5621Not everyone marks these days, the birthdays and death days of people they’ve lost. Maybe they think it prolongs the grieving process. It’s different for everyone but for me, I think of Dad often. I’m going to be sad about it sometimes regardless. And recognizing those days means they’re still important to me, and that Dad’s still a part of our family, even if just in this tiniest of ways. I like having this special day where I remember Dad fondly and with intent, and I allow myself to feel the loss a little bit. So, Happy Birthday, Dad. Wish you were here.

16 thoughts on “Musings on a Monday

  1. I do the same for my dad, who died almost nine years ago. Even everyday things (like the annoying sound the ice maker makes that used to irk him so) that remind me of him cause me to stop and take a moment to just feel those memories. Our desire to keep them present is a testament to the great people they were.

  2. I think it’s lovely that you remember your dad today – hopefully the day is spent with good memories of him. I’lol be knitting on my faded top while I watch the open tonight, so if you chose that we’ll be knitting twins!

  3. I agree about fingering weight sweaters but wow! Look at that color! I’m sorry you’re missing your Dad. My Dad died when I was 7 but I still think of him every day. ❤️

  4. Hugs! I know how it is – my Dad passed 5 years ago and I miss him every day. Your Boxy is beautiful, but I can definitely see how it would be hard to stay motivated on it 🙂 And that’s a beautiful cowl, too!

  5. I love the knitting! Your Boxy is beautiful. I just started a sweater with light-weight yarn, but mine is lacy and so won’t be the same as stockinette. However, I’ve been also considering so many other fingering weight sweaters since those are more suited to my climate…

    Happy birthday to your dad. And hugs to you.

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