Thinning the Herd

Every January, a large number of knitters declare, “I’m going to knit from stash this year! I’m not going to buy so much new yarn!” I’m usually one of those knitters, and this year is no different. I do want to knit from stash; I’ve spent a long time cultivating a healthy collection of beautiful yarns.

img_5735I mean, look at all that yarn!! I shouldn’t need to buy more at all for a long time! But I don’t want to stop buying new yarn completely. That’s not realistic or fun, especially since I’ll be going to Knitting in the Heartland this year. No, my goal this year is to simply use more from my stash than I add to it. I’m going by skein count rather than yardage and to increase accountability, I created a page in my knitting journal to keep track of skeins in and out. I’m off to a good start, especially after a week of lots of knitting time: I’ve used five skeins from stash and added none! Last night I wound two more skeins and this morning cast on for a new project, a Malabrigo Rasta hat that I’ve been planning for about a year.

img_6584What are your goals for stash this year?

14 thoughts on “Thinning the Herd

  1. Your stash is so beautiful. I don’t think I would get anything done, I would just look at that yarn and feel happy. I have the same stash goal this year. I like the Rasta hat, it should be a quick one too.

  2. I’ve been keeping track of my stash by skeins in and out for about a year now and love it. I still bought yarn when I was in new places but it was neat to see the stash go down over the year/)

  3. That’s a good goal! I’m planning to be more mindful of my yarn purchases this year. Not to stop buying yarn (that would be silly) but to try to buy more with a purpose instead of just picking up random pretty things.

  4. Your stash is gorgeous ❤ ❤
    My goals for this year are 1) work out exactly how much yarn I have in my stash and get it into Excel, 2) organise it into some kind order, and 3) use up more than I buy. I'm cautiously optimistic.

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