New Yarn

Because of course I needed new yarn. (That’s sarcasm, friends, but it’s gentle and non-judgmental.) I decided I wanted to make a hat for the boy’s girlfriend, and her favorite color is yellow. Because yellow is my least favorite color, I had zero yellow yarn in my otherwise generous yarn stash. Oops, darn, I needed to go yarn shopping! And of course I want to support local independent businesses, so during Friday’s lunch break I zipped out to Yarn Social. The first trouble came because I got there too early, so I had to visit the antique store across the street where I found this beautiful polar bear.

IMG_6316I didn’t care what brand he was or how old he is, I just thought he was beautiful and needed to come home with me. Here’s the best part: I pulled out my debit card to pay, and the older gentleman said they only take cash or checks. But even as I was putting my card away and starting to say, “oh never mind then”, he kept wrapping the bear and said, “Just mail me a check.” He waved off my business card and just took my first name and phone number, and gave me a slip with the name and mailing address. I couldn’t thank him enough, and I was just so delighted to find a bit of old-fashioned kindness and trust. Made my whole day, I swear, and made that little bear even more special to me.

Anyway, after that I went to the yarn store, and debated between all the yellows before deciding on Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok Worsted in Spun Gold. (The boy weighed in via text so I wasn’t flying blind.) The girl working there helped me pick the best neutral pompom (though we really wanted to go with turquoise).

IMG_6321I cast on that night after picking the pattern Pennyroyal, and actually cast off the next morning and got it in a bath right away. I feel like the yarn grew a bit with washing, but I’m hoping it’ll still fit all right, maybe just a bit more slouchy than I expected. It took less yarn than I expected too, so I’ve got an entire skein left over that’s wound and everything. Guess I better make a second hat for someone!

But that wasn’t all I bought. Of course it wasn’t; did you think I could be that good, even if it is right before Christmas? No, I couldn’t, because I’ve been wanting Christmas socks and there at the counter was a bag of Christmas sock yarn plus a sample sock. I was only going to buy the one patterned skein on the right and the solid red, but then that girl (who is very good at her job) showed me the sock she was knitting with the other patterned skein and it was delightful so I just bought all three and I can’t wait to make Christmas socks!

fullsizeoutput_24e2I bet I can get a pair made before Christmas Eve…if I don’t work on any other knitting between now and then…so at least I’ll have Christmas socks for next year!

10 thoughts on “New Yarn

  1. That is such a great story about the bear. Now I want to go to that store the next time we go to Yarn Social. I’m going to make Chirstmas in July socks next year so I’m ahead of the game. I’m going to use the WYS you have on the left, so if you still have it in your stash in seven months you should join me. I love the yelllow you picked, it is so perky.

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