I get knocked down, but I get up again

A couple of days ago the girl sent me a snapchat asking if I was okay, because I hadn’t blogged in like three weeks. I confess, I teared up a bit because it was really perceptive and sweet and I miss her. As I told her, the answer is yes. But also no. And all the gray area in between. One of our dogs, Grace, got really sick last weekend and she’s still not quite 100% so I’ve been worried about her, plus a little stressed about how much we spent on vet bills because of it. Work hasn’t been what I want it to be lately, and I’m at the point in my life where I think about things like what are my long-term goals, how can I have multiple, competing goals, how do I want to spend the rest of my working life, is it okay to do something that fulfills you even if it’s not “A CAREER”? And I haven’t found any answers yet. I’m knitting, but I haven’t felt the call to write about it lately. Every time I think about it, it seems like a lot of work, so I don’t bother. But, here I am, doing the thing, because maybe if I push myself a little bit, I can get back in the groove.

My most recent FO is a hat commission I just finished this morning. It’s not quite done because it needs a pompom, but I’m debating between pink, silver or both. What do you think? It’s for a 10yo girl, if that makes a difference.

img_5840I used Caron Simply Soft Party Sparkle. I do like their acrylics, and I do love some sparkle! The pattern is Zayo Bayo Hat, which says it was written for 4-7yo kids, so I bumped up the stitch count by a few stitches.

Over the last few weeks, I also finished the Cersei hat for my former boss’s birthday, and I cast on for a new cowl for myself and a scarf for a friend’s birthday coming up. Plus I’ve been working on my Spring Rain shawl and my Boxy (not that much on the Boxy, to be honest). Oh, and I cast on a new pair of socks for a nephew, but I haven’t gotten a photo of those yet.

The Spring Rain shawl has its own little story, so I’ll share that soon. It will be a tale of why one should use lifelines when knitting lace shawls!

Happy weekend, friends. Hope it’s a good one for you!



19 thoughts on “I get knocked down, but I get up again

  1. I’ve missed you. Fall can get me down too. I’m dealing with some health issues and most of the time I just want to huddle under a blanket. I hope writing helps you get back in the groove.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time. I hope things improve. I hope your dog is better soon. Let me say I understand what you mean about expensive vet bills. We had a Yorkie who slipped a disc in his neck. My husband was at work when I took Riley (the dog who loved me above everything even food) to the emergency vet. $4000 later he was fine and lived a full happy life. My husband was less than thrilled with the cost. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
    As for a job, what matters is being happy and wanting to go to work. Life is too short to dread how you spend the bulk of your time.

    • Thank you! Thankfully our bills weren’t that high, but you’re so right: you do what you gotta do. And also thankfully, my husband and I were on the same page about it!
      I definitely agree that life is too short to dread your days–now I just have to figure out the right path!

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  4. I hope Grace makes a full recovery soon!
    Speaking from the position of having finally got out of a job that I hated, find something you love doing and keep doing it – nuts to careers and what you “should” do. We spend far too much time at work to be unhappy there.

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