This is so cool!

Yesterday the husband and I went downtown to a “vintage market” that’s kind of like an antique store only more hipster-ish. They’re only open the first weekend of every month, and we rarely find things we have to have, but yesterday was a good day. The husband found a big metal cabinet thing with drawers that will apparently be perfect for holding screws and nails and some such stuff in his workshop. And me? I found this treasure:

img_5738It’s handmade from oak and originally it was going to be for knitting needles but then the more I looked at it, the more I realized it needed to be for my pen stuff.

I think I want to get dark purple felt to line the drawers, and maybe someday the husband can use that workshop of his to make more dividers, and it could hold pens in a better way. But this works for now and I’m just tickled pink with it.

The only other thing I did yesterday was clean out my craft room. I’ve talked about our old house before, and how the old sleeping porch/addition is sagging dangerously and needs renovation desperately. We’ve been working with a contractor and an architect since March to draw up plans and get quotes, and we were going to expand the kitchen and get a laundry room and it was going to be Marvelous! Well. As I feared, our plans were a little a lot beyond our budget, and our dream kitchen is not an option. Knowing that, our goal now is to get the house in shape to sell in a couple of years. For now, we’ll remove the addition, rebuild a nice new deck, update the kitchen a little bit, and refinish the downstairs floors.

Having this be a smaller project means we should be able to redo the upstairs bathroom that’s a mishmash of cheap fixtures, and create something that’s appropriate for the house and aesthetically pleasing. It’s nowhere close to either of those now!

Sorry, getting off track here. Not adding on a laundry room means we need to find a home for the washer/dryer, and our choices are the basement (damp, spidery, rickety stairs, and more problematic, the husband’s current workshop) or the tiny, not-very-functional bedroom that the husband is currently using as an office. (I know, poor husband! He should fare better with our next house.) We agreed the office should become a nice laundry room with some additional storage, and that we could create a shared space from my craft room. It’s not ideal for either of us, but it’ll work for a couple of years.

SO! I needed to create some room for his stuff, and I did a much-needed purge. Gone are the scrapbooking supplies I haven’t used in almost ten years! Gone are scraps of ribbon and other little bits that I hoarded for “some project some day”! Gone are my fabric remnants that I bought to line purses I never made! I condensed my yarn stash and made room for my knitting books and bins of leftover yarn balls. All of that meant I have half a closet and an empty corner, ready to share! And honestly, I’m in love with how it looks.

img_5735It’s great progress, but it’s not quite enough space for his stuff. I have a bookcase that holds my knicknacks — my Wonder Woman collection, some family mementos, little gifts from my kids — and I think that stuff will have to be packed up for now to create more space. I do want him to feel like he has a little corner of his own in there, at least. So maybe that will be today’s project. Unless I decide I need to do some knitting!

9 thoughts on “This is so cool!

  1. Wow, that’s a great find! And how did I not realize you were a fellow pen enthusiast? Are your Pilot Metros fountain pens? And it looks like those are Retro 51 Tornados to one side of them and a Kaweco to the other. Fun stuff!

    Good for you for making the budget-conscious decision. It’s not the dream choice, but it’s the more sensible one. It sounds like sharing the craft room is a good idea too. I feel your pain about having to re-arrange and box stuff up, though. My craft room does double-duty as our guest room, and since family is coming to visit for Thanksgiving, now I need to rein in my craft supplies as well.

    • You too?? Yay! Yep, you ID’d all those pens correctly, and those aren’t even my “good” pens! I have four or five Kaweco Sports that are probably my favorites.

      We’ve never had a guest room in either of our houses–I’ve always been afraid then people would want to come stay with us! 😉 Hope you don’t have to tuck too much of it away!

      • Me too! 😀 I mostly use my Metros and TWSBI fountain pens in regular rotation, but I also have a Vanishing Point that I pull out when I feel like using a nicer pen. (It’s a pain to clean, though, which is why I don’t use it all the time.)

        We don’t make use of our guest room often, which is why the craft supplies ended up migrating to the bed. It should be easy enough to tuck everything away, but it’s going to take some time. 🙂 Your idea is a pretty good one, though. 😉

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