Time for a reset

Maybe it’s the change of seasons, but I’m feeling the urge to take a deep breath and reassess some stuff. I’ve been disengaged a bit from work lately for a few reasons, and I want to refocus and start pushing myself again. But I’m also wanting to re-engage with my knitting. It hasn’t felt as rewarding as usual this summer, and I want to get back to finding the joy again. Right now, that means the urge to cast on all the pretty  new projects!

One of them was supposed to be that June Lake top. But the one person telling me to swatch, swatch, always swatch, was right, not that it’s much of a surprise. I went up one needle size and two pattern sizes, got my first textured panel done, measured the length, and it STILL wasn’t as long as I need it to be. Assuming I were to stick with the size 5 needles, I calculated my gauge and how many stitches I’d need to cast on to get the size I want, and my concern is that I won’t have enough yarn. SO. That project is in hibernation while I decide what I want to do. I’d still really like to make a sleeveless top, but I’m not sure I can get the size I need with just two skeins.

Instead I cast on for a new sock! I wound my brand-new Mudpunch self-striping yarn and after seeing Mildly Granola’s Twizzler socks, decided to make my own. I’m loving how they look!

img_5163But I want more new projects! I’ve got a selection of purple yarns that would make a fantastic fade, and I’m debating between a Find Your Fade and some kind of fade sweater. I think I’m leaning toward a sweater, but I need to check patterns and gauge (again, argh) before I decide. And I’m feeling the itch for some squishy worsted too, so I might need to cast on a new cowl soon too.

Now, all you swatchers, help me out: when you’re planning for a sweater in the round, do you swatch with the exact needles you’d be using (i.e. 32″ or 40″ circs)? I see the logic in it, but it would make for a huge swatch! Or do you use the same material of needles (i.e. bamboo or metal) but smaller circumference?

10 thoughts on “Time for a reset

  1. I love the socks. That pattern is so much fun, I think it is going to become a regular in my rotation. I swatch with the needles I’m planning on using, but I never swatch in the round. I just double check gauge when I’ve knit enough of the sweater.

    • It will for me, I’m sure! I have to swatch in the round because I know for sure my gauge is different for that from straight knitting. Well, I guess I don’t HAVE to, but I try to “take time to save time”, you know! 😉

  2. Love the sock! So fun and happy.

    Does this sweater have sleeves that are knit separately and then sewn on? In the past for sweater swatches I’ve knit a flat swatch using the exact needles to get an approximate gauge, and then started with a sleeve to do a more accurate in-the-round swatch without feeling like I was wasting too much time. It doesn’t work for all sweater constructions, though, so it’s not always possible.

  3. Both of you are making me want to start this pattern and I can’t I’m out of sock needles!

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