100 T-pins Later

My Imagine When shawl is blocking right now, with all the little picots pinned out nicely. It’s not a full 100 pins, but it’s about 96, so that’s pretty close. It’s not as long as I’d expected, so I hope it’s still wearable. We’re leaving very soon to take the girl to college so I doubt I’ll get good photos taken before then. But eventually I’ll show you nice photos where you can actually see the pretty yarn (Manos del Uruguay Alma)!

img_4827The girl’s furnished apartment for the coming school year fell through five days before we were scheduled to leave, so the past few days have been frantic and stressful. We’ve got an apartment lined up, but need to get a roommate finalized. We got a couch and chair from family, and she can take some furniture from home. Since we don’t have our bigger vehicle (thanks to Car Accident Sunday), we’re renting a U-haul to get out there and then a smaller car to get home. We’ll get a cheap bed from IKEA in Denver. I mean, I think we’ve got the biggest things sorted, but it’s been a bit of a nightmare. We’re all stressed and anxious and snapping at each other, and I’m really hoping that once we get her stuff moved in, we can have a few days to relax and enjoy Colorado!


5 thoughts on “100 T-pins Later

  1. The shawl is beautiful.

    Holy crap you deserve a break! What a stressful way to start your school year. I hope that her new place ends up being amazing. I also hope you have a refreshing beverage in your hands and knitting in your lap with a dog next to you and nothing stressful happens to you for a long time.

    • Right??? Thank you! I kind of felt like I was on the verge of tears all last week. But thankfully things are working out pretty well and I’m hopeful that we’re on an upswing now!

  2. The shawl looks lovely. Can’t wait to see it in all of its glory.
    I hope everything works out for your girl. The last thing you want is stress like this a few days before moving back to college.
    Have fun in Colorado though – I would love to go there one day – it seems so peaceful and pretty!

  3. Ugh, that doesn’t sound like good stress at all. I hope you’ve now hit your share of snags and everything else is smooth sailing.

    The shawl looks lovely! I’d say pinning out all the picots probably took ages, but will be well worth it.

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