There is knitting happening

I have gotten a lot of sock knitting done in the last couple of days. Thanks to a careless, speeding, idiot driver, we are currently a one-car couple. Everyone but the car is fine, thank goodness, but since the idiot did not have a current insurance policy, it’s all being covered by our policy, so we’re trying to save a little bit of money by carpooling for now rather than renting a car. Especially since we’ll have to rent a vehicle soon to take the girl’s belongings to college. (My car Edward just won’t hold as many boxes as the smushed car would have, alas.) Anyway, like I said, I am grateful that we are all unhurt and we have good insurance that will help us get it all sorted out. Eventually. Until then, I am knitting in the car while the husband drives me to and from work!

img_4806I’m loving these Apothefaery socks and who knows, by the end of the week, I might have a completed sock!

I also have a completed shawl as of last night. I bound off my Imagine When shawl and used up almost all the skein, hooray. Unless something else unexpected comes up, (and considering how the rest of this summer has gone, it might) I should have it blocked by the end of the weekend and have pretty photos to share soon! Until then, here are cute dogs.


Duncan & Grace love each other!

I hope your week is going better than mine, and that you are also getting lots of knitting done!

13 thoughts on “There is knitting happening

  1. Eep, sorry about the smushed car!I’m glad you are all safe, though.

    I would love for someone to drive me to work all the time so I could knit. However, since Mr. Wyrm and I work in opposite directions, that wouldn’t be very practical. And transit isn’t a great option for me to use for commuting, either. Oh well. (I’ll stop before I go on my “invest in a better transit system!” rant.)

    • Thank you! Having a chauffeur is pretty nice, though I don’t get to control the temperature and the music while he’s driving. I don’t have a good option for public transit either–that would be lovely!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of a car accident! Bummer about the wrecked car but happy to hear that the humans and dogs are safe.

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