Feeding the stash

Do you like yarn? I like yarn. I like my current stash, I like yarn in stores, and I especially like new yarn that arrives in the mail after I’ve had a bad day. Yesterday I had TWO packages waiting for me when I got home. The first had these goodies from Izzy Knits:

img_4643Isn’t that logo the cutest?? For some crazy reason, I agreed to test knit a pattern for a dog sweater. Yes, a sweater for one of my dogs. A sweater he will very likely not want to wear longer than two minutes, and that I’ll have to protect from the other dog chewing on it. Still, he will be very handsome during those two minutes.

The second package was yarn from an Instagram/Etsy destash. There are no tags so I have no idea who made what, and I don’t care a bit. Because OMG look at my pretties:

They’re all fingering weight except that one bright pink variegated skein, which I think is worsted and will become an awesome cowl. The others will feed the stash for now. That neon yellow is the softest; I think it must have some cashmere in it. No idea what to do with it, since I can’t/don’t wear that color, but maybe mixed in with something else, it’ll work out.

Today we’re finally getting someone to look at our broken AC again, after a week of a warm, humid upstairs. Here’s hoping I go home to a cool(er) house! At least I know I’ll go home to dogs, and that’s pretty good.


Happy Tuesday, friends! Hope it’s a good one!

20 thoughts on “Feeding the stash

  1. I’m sure doggo will look super cute for those two minutes, I can’t wait to see!
    Maybe you could hold that bright yellow with something darker and see if that tones it down, or just de-stash it to someone else at the risk of giving the poor thing a complex about being unwanted :p

  2. So pretty! I love the sparkly yarn, so purple! Also love the white & pink speckled one — it looks very like the Hedgehog Fibers yarn I’ve knit with before (https://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/hedgehog-fibres-skinny-singles) though of course it might easily be something else. I think the yarn that’s in the photo with the neon yellow would work well in the same project as the yellow — it could really tone down the brightness, and it looks like it has neon speckles in it, so that could be a fun combo.

    Sorry for the bad day, but yay for new yarn!

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