When it rains, it pours

Because I wasn’t stressed out enough lately, the fates decided I needed another challenge. Yesterday I stepped down weird off a step stool and heard a pop in my calf, then felt extreme pain. SUPER. I am so lucky and grateful to have good health insurance and I was able to go to the ER to get checked out for breaks, tears, and blood clots. They decided it was probably just a bad muscle strain and prescribed an NSAID, rest, ice, and elevation. Plus, since it’s my right calf, no driving for a couple of days to give the muscle time to rest and avoid straining it more. And since I took time off last week for my MIL’s service and some mental health time, now I’ve got the guilt from being home again. The sister pointed out that I had a good reason last week, and I have a good reason today, and of course logically I know she’s right. Yet there’s the guilt, still hovering. WhatEVER. Sometimes I hate my brain.

Let’s distract with some knitting, shall we? Here’s my Fade progress.

I went through so many project pages on Ravelry and didn’t find many helpful notes for a 4-color fade, but I got enough to give me confidence to move on. Rather than frog back to fade in the yellow garter section, I was a rebel and did the color melting in the lace section, and I think it looks fine. I did a longer melt than in the pattern, to use as much yellow as I could, and now I’m halfway through the second skein. This shawl is going to take forever, I think. As much as I love the look, I don’t know if I’ll want to make another one for myself once this one is done.

Hope you all are having a better start to the week than me!

14 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours

  1. Hi – just found your blog and am enjoying! I too will be doing Find Your Fade in four colors. I did find the following on Ravalry – a person used the 7 colors but listed how much as left over. I figured this could help me. This is what was listed:

    Color A – 221 yards / 50 grams – 37 grams left over
    Color B – 442 yards / 100 grams – 19 grams left over
    Color C – 442 yards / 100 grams – 49 grams left over
    Color D – 442 yards / 100 grams – 35 grams left over
    Color E – 442 yards / 100 grams – 42 grams left over
    Color F – 442 yards / 100 grams – 12 grams left over
    Color G – 221 yards / 50 grams – no data

    Hope this helps!

    • Thank you! I think at this point I’ve decided to just use as much of colors B & C as possible, and see what happens! I’ll be sure to include notes in my own project page.

  2. Huh, I think starting the color melt in the lace actually looks really good. Hopefully it wasn’t harder than it needed to be. (I wonder which of those reasons was the one that caused the designer to advise against it?)

    Hope you feel better and heal quickly! Try not to feel guilty about the extra time off. I know, that’s easier said than done.

  3. I’m so sorry Bonny 😦 I feel like anytime I’ve hurt myself, it was an indication that I needed to slow down and rest. You have so much going on and I know it’s easy to feel guilty, but sounds like additional time off is just what you needed.

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