Feeling scatter-brained

There is a lack of focus in my head today. The last few days, actually. Even though I have very few WIPs on my needles, I feel like it’s all getting away from me. My knitting group at work is crocheting a blanket for the Welcome Blanket Project so I made some squares for that. I have a sock almost done, I just started test-knitting a new sock, and I have some new review yarn coming my way, along with the yarn to finish my blanket. I type that out and it’s like, Well, that’s not that much, Bonny. What’s your problem?? Who even knows. But here’s the yarn I’m using for my test knit:


Isn’t it so bright and awesome?? The socks are for Under the Olive Tree Knits again and there’s another lovely lace pattern. I finished the first pattern repeat last night.


And oh yeah, I have some friends having babies, so I wanted to make a few washcloths to add to baby gifts. A few means six, apparently, three for each baby.

But the washcloths are done, and the second Baby Girl Power sock is almost done, and I finished my squares for the Welcome Blanket, so that means I can focus on the test and review projects. Except I’m going to a new LYS this weekend and will probably fall in love with some other yarn that I’ll want to knit up right away!

Here’s Duncan. He really wanted to learn how to crochet but it didn’t work out.


5 thoughts on “Feeling scatter-brained

  1. What a darling doggy. I am in envy of how quickly you manage to use newly bought yarn! 99.99% of all yarn I buy sits in my stash for at least a year before I use it!

  2. Oh boy, the knitting blues are the pits!! I hope you find your way out soon, maybe choose a special project that will be for you? The socks are a glorious color!! I’m finding myself drawn to bright pink lately, and I dont know why. It is my least favorite color!

    • Isn’t that weird? I’ve been loving oranges, and in my non-knitting life, I don’t like orange! I don’t mind knitting with it, but then I don’t know what to do with a finished orange project!

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