Fun in the sun

I am a lucky, lucky girl: I got to spend a couple of days in Orlando, Florida this week! I was attending a social media conference for work (thank you, work!) but I got to squeeze in some fun stuff too. I flew in early afternoon Wednesday so I’d have half a day to explore Disney, so that was my day at Disney World. I enjoyed it, but I discovered that Disney World is one of those things that is better done with someone else. It was super crowded and even if I were a ride person, the shortest line I saw was 50 minutes, and there was nothing I wanted to ride that badly. But I got to see all the sights and bask in the Disney atmosphere for a few hours.

The second day was spent at the conference, and it was fantastic. I’m an introvert but I talked to strangers all day long, and didn’t even mind! Lunch was outside, where I managed to get a bit of a sunburn (not complaining at all), and then at five when we ended for the day, I needed more Disney, so I hopped on the bus to Disney Springs, the big shopping/dining/entertainment district. When I got back, I had a late dinner at the 50s themed diner, Beaches and Cream. So good!! Plus, I could watch the fireworks at the park from my balcony, so I made sure to see those both nights.

Friday was a half-day for the conference, and I got about 45 minutes to bask in the sun before I had to head out.

Then it was time to head home, where it’s cold and gray and rainy. I had some gorgeous views from my window seat, though.

I also got quite a bit of sock-knitting done too: one sock done and the second past the gusset. I’ve learned that if you’re an introvert who has to socialize, do something weird like dye your hair a weird color and/or knit during meetings, and then you have something to talk about! They were definitely good ice-breakers.

Now I’m back home, where the boys and the dogs are happy to see me, and I have chores to do, plus a dog with a broken nail who has to go to the vet. (Different dog. Jack this time, not Duncan.) But with any luck, I’ll get a bit of knitting time later in the day. Happy weekend, friends!

8 thoughts on “Fun in the sun

  1. Sounds like fun! I’ll admit, solo Disney trips can be fun but they’re completely different than trips with someone else. I’m an introvert too, but when I’m solo at Disney I tend to talk to random strangers a lot more than I would have ever expected.

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